All Jazz Radio nominated for a Mzantsi Jazz Award for the second year

Dear AJR Peeps, Friends, Followers, Fans and supporters.
For the second year running All Jazz Radio has been nominated for a Jazz Award in the Radio Category of the Mzantsi Jazz Awards 2019.

The closing date for voting creeps closer, just 4 more days to cast your vote for us. Just a quick reminder to please kindly cast as many votes as you can for us in the radio category of the Mzantsi Jazz Awards 2019, the details for voting in and outside South African borders are listed below.

Please would you share this with all of your Friends, Family and followers on all social media platforms too.

If living inside the South African border please vote by texting ZaJazz and the All Jazz Radio code BR2 to the number 40439.

Our international listeners and supporters outside South Africa’s boarders can cast their votes for All Jazz Radio in the Radio Category of the Mzantsi Jazz Awards 2019. Please do so by texting ZaJazz BR2 to the number +27741550374

Please note too that all voting closes by 5pm on Saturday 10th August 2019.

The All Jazz Radio Volunteer Broadcast, Web, Blog Writing and Reviewing Team
Carol, Clifford, James, Kari, Jeff, Wolfgang, Andy, Tina, Granville, Rhys, Todd and Eric.

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