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It’s a cold day so the Klutz decided to find a recipe from an area of the global village where people really know how to stave of the winter chill. Chest puffed out with pride and happiness he has found this traditional Scandinavian hot punch for the cold winter months! It is the Scandinavian equivalent of Glühwein and should be treated with healthy respect if one is going to opperate any heavy machinery of any sort.

Glögg combines a selection of warm spices and dried fruit with Vodka, Red Wine and Port, all gently simmered to produce a wonderfully complex and tasty variation on mulled wine. Quantities can be adapted depending on how much you’re making but the below recipe will make a batch of about 1.5 litres. Recipe found of the Top’s Website.

Beverage Recipe – Glögg

Serves 4

Prep and Create time 10

Bits and pieces to concoct it

250ml Vodka

750ml Red Wine

500ml Port

1 small packet Dried Figs

Large handful of Raisins

Orange Peels from 3-4 fresh oranges

Half cup of Brown Sugar

6-8 Whole Star Anise

6 whole Cloves

Handful of Cardamom Pods

8-10 whole Cinnamon Sticks

Procedures to rustle it up 

Combine ingredients in a saucepan or pot, stir and heat until at the desired serving temperature.

Pour into mugs or heatproof glasses.

Garnish with Blanched almonds and Cinnamon sticks.

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