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by Eric Alan Monday 30th July 2018

The musings, ranting’s and mutterings about some tittle-tattle, chit-chatter of this, that and the next thing and maybe some other interesting blather about the World of Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz and a few other things by presenter, compiler, producer, reviewer, webitor, MC, and creative mastermind- Eric Alan

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“Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread–without it, it’s flat”. – Carmen McRae


Change is very much in the air even here at All Jazz Radio. There is a lot happening with our website and I must thank Carol Martin and Karen Jordi for assisting to make the very necessary changes and for motivating me to continue the forward motion. As volunteers they are showing unbridled passion for what has thus far been achieved. There is still much more to be done given our total lack of any sort of resources. We still need more help to lend us a hand and if you believe you can assist, please contact me or Carol with you offer of assistance and boy would we like it, please email her at seawave@iafrica.com

The name of this blog has also changed and hence forward will be known as Jazz Rendezvous Blog Supreme and we have taken out a few items which will now have their own post categories and will be found in the More Articleson the right hand side of the All Jazz Radio Home pages making it simpler to access the stories. Would you also please check out the All Jazz Radio Website and let us know your thoughts and if there is anything Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz information related you think we should consider including, email us at info@alljazzradio.co.zawith the word websitein the subject line.


Many are by now aware of the my vision issues, my drivers licence was not renewed due to the problem and am in need of an operation on both of my eyes in order to get back to healthy vision again. There have been a number of ads on FB for a benefit concert arranged to assist with the huge expenses, I would like to thank AJR presenter, long time broadcaster and long standing friend Clifford Graham for putting together the concert at the renowned Barleycorn Music Club on Monday 6thAugustat the Saggy Stone Bar and Restaurant, Villagers Rugby Club, 11 Imam Haron Road Claremont Cape Town. Also, in advance of the event I must thank the following musicians for agreeing to be part of the evening

Tina Schouw is a friend who has been a part of my life in a number of ways throughout my broadcast career, songwriter, musician, vocalist, poet and and all round wonderful person.

High End Blues, a band that celebrates the blues like no other, who recently released their debut album. The line-up of the band consists of Beshara Ornellas (vocals), AJR presenter James Kibby (guitar and vocals), Mark Buchanan (guitars), Ian Buchanan (bass guitar), Mark McDonald (drums) and Lance Allam (fiddle. mandolin, harmonica and vocals).

Another musician who has also played a great roll during my broadcasting raison d’être is musician, prolific composer, bandleader, recording artist, and part of a legendary musical dynasty Hilton Schilder.

Hilton, like Tina were some of the first artists that I played during my show way back in 1994 when my presenting career started at Peace Radio, sjoe, 24 years ago when Neil Johnson and Martin Baillie gave me the chance to be part of broadcast history during that important period on our road to democracy, sjoe, now I really feel part of the Tribe of Eld. Thank you once again to all of the musicians giving their time and effort to help me throughout my broadcast career for without hem there would be no Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz to share with listeners. I look forward to you being there and seeing you there.


As a critic, reviewer, presenter, writer it is important to keep an open mind when undertaking any of those tasks. There is also an obligation for the reviewer to be honest, truthful, and unbiased when undertaking the task at hand. Much of the media today lives in a good news world, other that when it comes to politics and disaster, but when it comes to the art of reviewing of live shows, theatre, movies, music, albums, books, restaurants and the arts as a whole the rules are just thrown out of the window. I mean how often do you see a review of any sort where the reviewer pulls no punches and tells it like it is without fear or favour?

Is it fair that only the good reviews are published? Is it being fair-minded to the artists/musicians concerned? Most of the unfavourable/bad reviews/critiques are never published at all. Why not? Well, with most commercial media operations it’s the bottom line and shareholders that they are more concerned with, most of all they don’t want to lose any advertising spend. This was something that was told to me by the editors when I reviewed for a few publications a number of years ago; even then I knew it was being dishonest.

I have asked our AJR presenters, reviewers, writers and critic’s to give us their honest and unbiased opinions, pulling no punches when they are asked to write and review any CD’s, live events, restaurants and interviews. Am I right in asking them to do so? I believe I am, because those artists who are being reviewed deserve to know the honest truth about their efforts, not so?. Though that truth the good, the bad and the ugly may sting for a short while, when their mind returns to logical thought they will then understand and will make adjustments to make sure that the mistakes made won’t occur again. It should been seen a constructive criticism and truth to power thereby making for a better project next time. What do you think?


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Nogga (Another) Quote

…don’t think of yourself as a jazz musician. Think of yourself as a human being who plays music. – Charlie Haden


Laugh of the week

One night, the front man said to his drummer, “When the band starts to swing, I want you to play more on the ride cymbal.” The drummer replied, “When the band starts to swing, will you please raise your hand?”


Reasons to Celebrate July 30, 2018

Today is Cheesecake Day! Yep, you got it, all day.

Cheesecake is a rich, decadent dessert made with cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Add a crumbly graham cracker crust and a fruit topping for the ultimate cheesecake experience!

There are dozens of different cheesecake varieties. Some of the most popular flavours are strawberry, key lime, and peanut butter cup. There are also many styles of cheesecake. Different countries (and even cities) have their own version of this classic dessert.

To celebrate Cheesecake Day, grab a slice of your favourite cheesecake from your local bakery!

Remember to keep an eye out for special cheesecake deals and giveaways in honour of the occasion.

July 30, 2018 is also Day of Friendship & National Father-in-law Day

Julyis Grilling Month, Ice Cream of any Flavour Month and Hot Dog Month



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