Beverage Recipe – iGoli

I have to thank my fellow Associates of Liquid Refreshment Beverage Potion Concocters and Connoisseurs of Squished Berries of the Vine Federation Sippers for all the great input in finding the formula for our little segment in this missive, so do enjoy the muddling up of this weeks fusion, but beware the is a sting in the tail. You have been warned, any more than two of these can be hazardous of ones wellbeing but by all means enjoy, carefully

iGoli – a really great winter refreshing heart warming beverage

Serves 4

Prep and Create time 10

Bits and pieces to concoct It

1 Litre of spring water

4 Rooibos tea teabags

4 Tots of Brandy

5 Teaspoon of brown sugar

2 Whole cloves

1 Stick of cinnamon or 2 t cinnamon powder

2 Chopped apples

Course of action to rustle it up

Make up some the rooibos tea in a pan and add the sugar, chopped apples, cinnamon and cloves.
Just before serving add a tot of brandy to each cup.
Serve warm or let it cool down to serve as an cool beverage with ice.


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