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by Eric Alan of Tuesday 15th May 2018

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Jeez, where has the year disappeared, huh! I mean we’re halfway through May already very soon we’ll be seeing the retail store putting up their Christmas decorations and other such paraphernalia, yep it go up earlier and earlier annually, doesn’t it does it?

I’m trying to make sure I go live on air in the studio 3 times a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, difficult as it might be it going to happen from next week. I’m still trying to reorganise my day’s workload and I think I’ve finally managed to crack the problem.

Your help has been instrumental in achieving this and for that I must thank you all. Hey don’t think this is the time to back off, keep up doing it. The formula we’ve adopted that I’ll post a list artist and album titles that we’ve receive and added to our playlist in any particular month irrespective of the year of release. All we ask is that you choose 48 artists and the albums title from the list and post it on our All Jazz Radio Facebook Groupor email it to us at remember to give us your full name, where you’re from city, tow, country and your contact number. You’ll become a vital cog in the wheel of my program The Jazz Rendezvous Radio Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Showas an associate producer. Like that huh! You’ll also get the credit for your choices during the show too. I’ve decided, for this coming Thursday’s show that’s of 17thMay we’re going to post the list artist and album titles for the month of January 2018.

Remember many of the artists you may not have heard of before so be bold and make your choice and I’ll choose the track from your choices. We do need a total of 48 choices from the list for that day, and any list submitted that contains less that the required number will automatically be disqualified.

In January we added 106 artists with their album and a few singles titles to our playlist. Lets have fun, as you become a member of the Jazz Rendezvous Radio Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show team. It’s an interesting mix of music for you to choose from welcome aboard let the fun and games begin, I kook forward to your list.


Aaron Aranita Segunda Vista (2018)
Abraham Day Am I Ready (Radio Edit) (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Acute Inflections The Brave (2018)
Adam Hawley Can You Feel It Radio Edit (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Adam Shulman Sextet Full Tilt (2018)
Airborne Wave (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Alberto Pibiri Jazz Legacy (2018)
Alexandra Jackson Brazilica (Radio) (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Alexandra Jackson Legacy & Alchemy EP (2018)
Alfredo Rodriguez The Little Dream (2018)
Andrew Distel It Only Takes Time (2018)
As Is (Alan Schulman & Stacey Schulman) Here’s to Life (2018)
Auriol Hays Like Fire (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Ben Paterson That Old Feeling One Sheet.pdf
Benji Kaplan Chorando Sete Cores (2018)
Billy Ray Sheppard Heels and Pearls (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Black Gardenia Lucky Star (2018)
Blanche Blacke Out to Sea (2018)
Boney James On The Prowl (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Brenda Hopkins Miranda Puentes (2018)
Brenda Navarette Mi Mundo (2018)
Brenda Reynolds Never Know A Lover feat. Marion Meadows (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Bryon M Tosoff Holding to the Dream (2018)
Bryon M Tosoff Kick Back Just Relax (2018)
Budha Building Purpose EP (2018)
Charles Overton Group Converge (2018)
Chick Corea and Steve Gadd Chinese Butterfly CD 1 (2018)
Chick Corea and Steve Gadd Chinese Butterfly CD 2 (2018)
Chris Godber Momentum (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence (2018)
ȼheap 3nsemble the ȼheap 3nsemble (2018)
Dan Block Block Party (2018)
Dan Siege Origins (2018)
Dan Siegel  After All (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Danny Fox Trio The Great Nostalgist (2018)
Darryl Williams Do You Remember feat Michael Lington (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Dave Hunt 100 Horses (2018)
Dave Sadler Moondance (2018)
David Ellington Marbles From A Drawer (2018)
Dick Fregulia Trio What Now (2018)
Dr Lonnie Smith All In My Mind (2018)
Dreaming In Colour Morning Star featuring Chuck Loeb (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
El Eco (Guillermo Nojechowicz) Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933  (2018)
Elliot Mason Before Now After (2018)
Emilie-Claire Barlow and  L J Folk Feelin’ Good (SINGLES) (2018).mp3
Eric Reed A Light In Darknessm (2018)
Etuk Ubong Tales of Life (2018)
Evan Harris Skylines (2018)
Fila Brasilia Maim That Tune
Gary Palmer Coast 2 Coast (2018)
Gary Palmer feat Kay-Ta Misunderstanding Radio Edit (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
GoGo Penguin A Humdrum Star (2018)
Gordon Hyland’s Living Fossil Never Die! (2018)
Heavyweights Brass Band This City (2018)
Hristo Vitchev Of Light and Shadow (2018)
J Easy Weaver Soul Connection(2018)
James Acid Robot Kibby Toys (2018)
James Hall Lattice (2018)
Jason Marsalis and The 21st Cent (2018)
Jeannie Taylore Rough Diamond (2018)
Jim Gelcer Melodies Pure and True Jazz Folk (2018)
Joanna Wallfisch Blood and Bone (2018)
Jodi Proznick Sun Songs (2018)
Johnny Summers Suite Jubilation (2018)
Joseph Patrick Moore Decade II 2006-2015 (2018)
Julian Lage Modern Lore (2018)
Kate McGarry The Subject Tonight Is Love (2018)
Kathy Kosins Uncovered Soul (2018)
Kay-Ta Synch With Me Radio Edit (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Keith O’Rourke Sketches From The Road (2018)
Kent Miller Quartet Minor Step (2918)
Kevin Sun Trio (2018)
Kirk Fischer Shades of Gray (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Leslie Pintchik You Eat My Food You Drink My Wine You Steal My Girl (2018)
Liberation Music Collective Rebel Portraiture (2018)
Lisa B I Get A Kick Cole Porter (2018)
Little Axe London Blues (2018)
Lori Williams I Like The Way You Talk (To Me) Radio Version (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Madeleine & Salomon A Womans Journey (2018)
Mariea Antoinette Overture (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Mario Cruz Finding Common Ground (2018)
Mark McGrain Love Time Divinat (2018)
Peter Horsfall Nighthawks (2018)
PJ Perry Quartet Alto Gusto Live at the Yardbird Suite (2018)
Prime Time Big Band Live at the Ironwood (2018)
Run n’ Fly Stella (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Sam Taylor Along Th eWay With Guest Larry McKenna (2018)
Satoko Fujii Fukushima (2018)
Scott Allman Radio Waves (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Scott Hamilton Trio Live At Pyatt Hall Featuring Rossano Sportiello (2018)
Shaun Murphy Mighty Gates (2018)
Shpongle Codex VI
Sisonke Xonti Iyonde (2018)
Steve Slagle Alto Manhattan (2018)
Stompin Heat Live At Stummsche Reihalle (2017)
Summer Brothers To Elliot in Remembrance of Wolf (2018)
Sunny Wilkinson Into the Light (2018)
Terry Blankley Cookin’ (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Terry Blankley Nothing But The Blues (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Terry Wollman No Problem Radio Edit (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
The Allen Carman Project Hearsay (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Tony DeSare and Edward Decker One For My Baby (2018)
Tony Zino The Ark Bearers You Alone (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Under The Lake Jazz Groove Attiude (2018)
Walter Beasley Come On Over (SINGLE) (2018).mp3
Wild Card Life Stories (2018)


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