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Klutz in the Kitchen

Klutz in the Kitchen

The Avenue Restaurant and Grill

It was one of those day’s, students doing their #Tag thing, a muggy Thursday and whilst beavering away at the listening to newly arrived music which were to be added to our playlist I had some fat finger trouble and suddenly there was this beautiful, mouth watering picture of a thick juicy steak all over my computer screen. Were the food gods being crazy to lead me off the work path, ‘cause this revelation led me to think what the Klutz was going to prepare for dinner. Quickly casting aside all thoughts ot the Klutz getting behind the hot stove and mostly because there was no steak fixings in the apartment at all. Then it happened, yep the word Avenue popped into my mind, eureka, The Avenue Restaurant and Grill. It was a total random spur of the moment choice, so hopped into the mechanical chariot and headed over the bridge to 2nd Avenue.

Once parked entered the emporium and greeted by smiling friendly wait staff and was led to our table the charming waitress Perpetua and left with the menu after placing a drink order. Not being in an alcohol frame of mind opted for a soft drink instead. Looking through the wine menu an was very happily surprised to see that all wines on the list were well under R200 per bottle. At last a restaurant where the wine costs more than the food one is to consume. Timer to start a #tag restaurant wine prices must fall movement, eh!

The food menu was also very reasonably priced and was informed by the affable waitress that the chips were hand cut from real potato’s, so on the advice of Perpetua and being quite hungry, decided on the 350gm sirloin medium rare (R145) with chips and also came with “roast” veg which I turned down, can’t stand them see, never had a good experience with “roasted veg” We were immediately offered a side salad instead which was gratefully accepted and also ordered a side of onions (R28) as well.

My order duly arrived in good time and looked good on the plate with the chips, onion and salad in side dishes, so far so good. Cutting into my steak was like using a blunt butter knife, tender as a ripe avocado. The first mouthful was juicy and very tasty, the basting sauce used was flavourful and did not detract from the meats flavour but enhance the taste experience. A truly wonderful piece of steak, best I’d had in a very long while. The salad was fresh and very tasty with their homemade salad dressing.

Now for the sad part of this tale, the chips were very oily and horribly verlep. This is often due to the raw chips not being rinsed off under fresh water and dried before being thrown into the fryer or the oil was used one time to many or not hot enough. Not much good can be said about the onions either, the batter was cooked hard, and one could if not careful chip a tooth on the horrid things. Nuff said if that.

The coffee was very good and rounded out a pleasing steak and salad meal, The Klutz in the Kitchen was satisfied with the friendly service and will be back in the near future.

The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Grub Rating

★★★ = Middling, tolerable, almost acceptable to adequate, still could be much better

The Klutz in the Kitchen always revisits establishments whether the review is good or bad because nobody has a good day everyday. Looking forward to a return visit.

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