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August – Coffee and Deli Harfield Village Kenilworth

Sjoe feeling quite industrious at the moment this is the second review I’m writing today, now as one may gather I love living in the Southern Suburbs and going to discover some of the food emporia in Claremont and those radiating outwards from our home base. Now listening to the new album by Cape Town Chartreuse Amanda Tiffin Consideration currently just a six track promo EP with the full album due next week prior to the her launch concerts on Friday 13 at the Nassau Centre (Groote Schuur High School) at 20.00 and on Sunday 15 November 2015 at 19.0at The Reeler Centre Theatre (Rondebosch Boys High School) South African Jazz is really in a good place now.

Ok back at the G & GA again (Gin & Ginger Ale my Late Dad’s Favourite tipple) so refreshing on a muggy day in Ol’ Cape Town, hey theres a song in them that words somewhere. 🙂

This is a review of a new little place that opened in 2nd Avenue’s famous restaurant row about a month and a bit ago. The August Coffee and Deli is a little emporium that wishes it could I guess. My first visit was to reconnoiter the place and being a deli had a look at the meat and veg products on offer. So far so good, neh! While browsing around and asking questions about their expectations and philosophy for the place which was simply to provide residents in the area with the best produce they could find so I ordered a coffee and also got myself a nice piece of Rib eye and a half a kilo of mince. Both items were cooked by the Klutz over the ensuing days and were really very good and of great quality, best of all reasonably priced far better than Frankie Fenner Meats that has recently opened in the area.

On the strength of my first small meat order I ordered a couple of Lamb Shanks and a few day later popped in once again to check on my order that sadly have not yet arrived. I was there, and again fell under the aroma of their coffee and decided to order their much-touted burger. The restaurant side of the business is tiny as is the blackboard menu they have some pasta’s and salads on the menu as well, all reasonably priced. They however didn’t serve any chips on the day of my visit.

The burger came and was the same size as the bun, which they get from Knead just up the road and mixed salad greens underneath the burger patty, but no tomato or onion. The first bite was delicious the meat was perfectly cooked medium rare and very tender. The basting sauce was tasty but I’m not to sure if it that was homemade? Had a commercial flavour to it. I also asked what spices were used in the burger and was told coriander, paprika, cumin and salt and pepper all of which were extremely subtle and hardly there, could be the BBQ sauce overpowering the flavours. Sadly the ubiquitous wooden board was once again, like so many other places used, as a serving vehicle for the meal, shame about that and hope that chuck the things into their next braai fire and get proper crockery to serve on. At 30 bucks for the burger, was a treat.

As to my Lamb Shanks, after being assured that they would have then in a few days and would called to let me know of their arrival. Still waiting for a call as this this little issue is now well over a month old. Guess I’ll just have to go give them a real bollocking.

The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Grub Rating System

★★★ = Middling, tolerable, almost acceptable to adequate, still could be much better

The Klutz will be back.

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