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Klutz in the Kitchen

Klutz in the Kitchen


Truth Coffee – Cape Town


The Klutz made a Haddock Mornay for dinner last night, which was very good by the way and had a nice little Chateau De La Doos Sauvignon Blanc from the Robertson Winery to accompany the meal, yummoloicious it was too. I took a portion of it to Mum and dropped it off a wee bit earlier for her lunch. On arriving home decided it was time for a lunchtime G & GA (Gin & Ginger Ale) before sitting down to write this review and listen to the brand new sophomore album by the group Deep South called Heartland and get to write this review of Truth Coffee which was visited some si to seven weeks ago. Pleasant way to kill two birds with on stone, neh! The talented twosome of David Ledbetter and Ronan Skillen are to launch the album next week, Saturday 14th Nov 2015 at The Reeler Theatre in Rondebosch from 19:30 – 22:30.

It’s not often The Klutz in the Kitchen ventures out of the suburbs but was forced to due to a technical problem with his Lap Top. So decided to continue the quest of finding the best coffee in the Cape and headed to Steampunk HQ, Truth Coffee shop, after finding street side parking ambled over to the packed joint’ I was greeted by the cheerful smiling and very affable floor manager Haley who showed me to a table. I was offered the breakfast menu having arrived a half hour or so before the menu change and being a first time visit I asked for the lunchtime menu to peruse too. I asked about the coffee and what her recommendation was and she suggested the Resurrection blend, which was agreed and ordered with cold milk on the side. The cold milk was a safety measure, just in case the beverage turned out awful.

Looking through the very grubby and dirty photo copied menus; hands feeling quite dirty after handling the clipboard things. Got to carry some wet wipes for occasions such as this. Besides, what’s it with this grubby method of presenting menu’s these days. It certainly ain’t trendy at all and is very off putting.

Jovial waitress Neli brought my coffee after a long wait and told her I couldn’t make up my mind between The Croque Monsieur or the Steampunk Benedict could she make a suggestion, she immediately stated she enjoyed both so was difficult for her to choose. Mmmm, not much help I said with a smile. It all boiled down the difficult choice of the Bayonne Ham or the crispy bacon. Ok, so you guessed which won out eh, the bacon naturally. So Steampunk Benedict was ordered along with another cuppa nice java.

When the food arrived it looked really good and tasty but my expectation was lowered drastically on seeing the blerry wooden board, which was bedecked with some greaseproof paper on which the Sourdough toast with two softly poached eggs, crispy bacon and hollandaise sandwich and topped assorted greens was placed. First bite was quite lekkerlicious so cast my misgivings about the wooden board to the back of my mind, though not to easy must say. It was a pleasant meal with very nice coffee with good service in an interestingly decorated space with a pleasant bustling old world atmosphere, but still the search continues for that perfect cup of coffee.

Will be back again sometime in the future.

The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Grub Rating System

★★★★ = Enjoyable, pleasant and satisfactory, worthy of a visit from time to time.

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