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Who doesn’t enjoy a good curry, huh! Some say the best Durb’s curry can only be found in, well, er, um Durban. Well, got to say the Klutz is one of those quirky grub nutters who just doesn’t like curry; he just has a weakness for a really good one, it’s Klutz Kryptonite, see. All right then, I know this is Cape Town, the Gatsby and false tooth Kingdom of Afrika, and don’t we all know there is a whopping difference between the Kaapse and Durbs curry varietals, all ‘n all.

It was with great glee that I discovered a new little place, to me, a couple of months ago in my home range of Claremont, Belvedere Road to be precise, called Nice ‘n Spicy. On entering the tiny space the aroma’s engulphed warmly and rapping one in a blanket of gorgeous flavours, immediately my mouth began salivating in anticipation of what was to come. It was a surprise to see a well-known face, apron bedecked somewhat rotund character behind the counter. Hey I’m rotund too, so no slight intended, comes with age see. Former Cape Town radio DJ, Lee Downs, yes and somewhat surprised, as I did not know he had any cooking aspirations or credentials at all.

We started chatting, catching up on occurrences of the past few years, then the inevitable question arose, what does a former radio personality do after the glitz and glamour of commercial fades? Easy answer, he said, he is a food lover and has been for years, so what better than to open a place that features homemade nosh from his childhood. Bunny Chow, a multiplicity of Curry’s, Solomes, Samoosa’s, Hamburgers, Homemade Pickles and what has become a firm favourite of mine, the Pulled Beef Marsala Sarmie, totally morish, but beware it’s highly addictive, though I’m a large fella could not finish two in one sitting. There is a small seating area, very small, being a take away, so I sat down to enjoy the Sandwich, yummolicious, mouth tingling, telling me it was enjoying the spicy concoction. I promptly ordered another to take home for dinner later.

Been back a couple of times and eventually tried the Bunny, which was large, tasty, spicy like a good curry should be. I couldn’t finish off the container, the contents however did not last long, full of flavour it was, the only drawback was the lack of potato in the heady spicy mutton stew, only a small piece of the starch was included. Not to serious an infringement in the Klutzes eyes but will make sure to ask for extra potato’s on the next visit.

I highly recommend curries and specially that wonderful Pulled Beef Marsala sarmie, but I will have to have a good strong talk and boxing match with myself when next visiting, ‘cause I’ve got to try some of the other menu items.

The Klutzes Grub Rating for Nice ‘n Spicy is ★★★★ = Enjoyable, pleasant and satisfactory, worthy of a visit from time to time.

Contact Nice N Spicy, Belvedere Road, Claremont, Cape Town on 0837703024

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