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All Jazz Radio Logo Face Book1An AJR Blog Supreme1Still the winter gods persist with the cold, overcast weather in the African Jazz Capital, but we remain very upbeat despite the drought conditions in our area of paradise. Summer is coming that we are sure of and are really looking forward to. It the exchange rate that is a major problem now, I mean very favourable for visitors to our fair shore and crazy fur us to travel out of the country, so I’d like to welcome all would are planning their vacations to include South Africa, moreover to The City of Cape Town, the Mother City, make your plans today, it’s going to bed a good holiday.

Took Mom and Uncle Jimmy to the country cousins on Sunday, invited for lunch we were twas a prelude to Moms 89th birthday on Wednesday, Pilotage and beer flowing, rugby and foody things discussed around the table lots of fun was had by all. The Kluze in the Kitchen really enjoyed the meal, mainly ‘cause he had a cooking day off, a lekkerlicious salad starter followed by a delicious Venison meatloaf with vegetables and rice and mushroom sauce with a creamy pie for dessert then relaxing on the patio with a cheese platter and finishing off homemade Limoncello. Must say Mom enjoyed very much now the pressure is on to find a suitable place to take her for lunch on Wednesday in the Rondebosch, Claremont, Kenilworth area. Got any suggestions?


It’s not only is South Africa where journalists screw up the word Jazz, check this headline from The Observer (Kampala) 2 October 2015

Uganda: Karyn White Here to Jazz Up Ugandans

By John Vianney Nsimbe And Felix Eupal

It is the Nile Gold Jazz Safari and it is happening this evening at Kampala Serena hotel’s Victoria hall……….

Read the whole story on the All Africa News Website

Karyn White a jazz artist, huh?


Here’s some great new and always exciting to here about a new release by a great vocalist.

Giacomo Gates Celebrates The Release of His New CD “Everything is Cool”

Gates approaches jazz singing with a showman’s poise and an aficionado’s zeal. With his deep, cognac baritone and his vintage-hipster lexicon, his phrasing and his bearing, he upholds a distinctly masculine ideal of deceptively easy nonchalance. Gates is known as the modern day heir to Eddie Jefferson, the godfather of vocalese. Here he uses the style sparingly, but to great advantage. never showboating by using the challenging technique. Backed by his go-to pianist, John di Martino and guitarist Tony Lombardozzi leading the rhythm section and Grant Stewart out in front on saxophone, Giacomo sings and swings his way through a dozen tunes – some familiar favourites, some rarely heard gems. He may be soft and subtle or he may be hip and humorous but one thing Giacomo Gates is not, is predictable.

Giacomo Gates Celebrates The Release of His New CD

“Everything is Cool”

Thursday, October 1st

Jazz at Kitano

Shows 8 & 10 pm

Giacomo Gates – vocals

John diMartino – piano

Ed Howard – bass

Jazz At Kitano

66 Park Ave @38th St




Giacomo Gates – Everything is Cool

Savant Records SCD 2146

Giacomo Gates, vocals

John di Martino, piano

Grant Stewart, saxophone

Tony Lombardozzi, guitar

Ed Howard, bass

Willard Dyson, drums

Tracks: Everything is Cool • If I Were You, Baby, I’d Love Me • When Lovers, They Lose • Social Call • Hazel’s Hips • Almost Blue • Take Five • Who Threw the Glue? • Here Today and Gone Tomorrow • Please Don’t Bug Me • All Alone • Well, You Needn’t / It’s Over Now

TT = 48:23

This story from Nestor Jazz News


So you’re a Hummus and a beer fan are you? Well now the good news is that you can indulge in both all at one time, in a glasss. An Israeli brewery, the Meadan Craft Brewing is now making Meadan Chickpea Malt Ale. Why you may ask? They wanted to make a kosher-for-Passover gluten-free beer, and did, so now hummus fans can rejoice by raising a glass of the favourite food.


Today is National Apple Betty Day in America!

Celebrate today, hey any apple pie is good any day, but The Klutz In The Kitchen thinks that the date should be changed to the 7th October, why you ask, it’s the head hocho’s Moms birthday on that day and here name happens to ne Betty see. Any how the Betty is a crustless apple pie seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. An apple brown betty is a common variation, which includes layers of sweetened breadcrumbs.

This classic American dessert dates back to the colonial period and probably evolved from the traditional English bread pudding. The name “brown betty” first appeared in print in 1864 when it was mentioned in a Yale Literary Magazine article.

In honour of National Apple Betty Day, bake your own version of this scrumptious dessert and top it with lemon sauce, ice cream, or whip cream. Yum!

October 5, 2015 is also Simchat Torah, World Habitat Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chili Month, Dessert Month, Pasta Month, Roller Skating Month, and Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is Walk Your Dog Week, World Space Week, and Fire Prevention Week




Tune into the All Jazz Radio live stream, don’t miss the best jazz out of Africa, today.

10:00 to 13:00- The Jazz Rendezvous Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show

Compiled & produced by Eric Alan in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

13:00 to 14:00- The Latin Perspective
Compiled, presented & produced by Tony Vasquez in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
(Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz)

14:00 to 16:00- Take 5 & Then Some ……
Compiled, produced & presented by Clifford Graham in Cape Town, SA
(A Mix of Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary and Smooth jazz)

16:00 to 18:00- Jazz Around The World
Compiled, presented & produced by Wolfgang König in Berlin, Germany
(All genre styles of jazz from around the world)

SUNDAY (Repeats)

18:00 – 22:00 The Eclectic Mix

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Mixed Genre Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz)

22:00 – 24:00 The Jazz Rep – Now and Then

Compiled, presented & produced by by Ray Porter in London, UK

(Historic & Nostalgic Jazz)

24:00 – 02:00 The Groove Merchant

Compiled, presented & produced by by Andy Hardy in Ngongotaha, New Zealand

(Groove, Fusion & Funk Jazz)

SATURDAY (Repeats)

02:00 – 0500 Smooth, Fusion and Funk Show

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary Smooth, Fusion, Funk & Soul Jazz)

05:00 – 08:00 No Name Brand Show

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Contemporary, Mainstream, Nostalgic, Pop Jazz)

08:00 – 10:00 The Kibby Factor

Compiled, presented & produced by Guitarist James “Acid Robot” Kibby in Cape Town, SA

(Acid, Avant Garde, Electronic Jazz, Blues)

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