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The weather gods are really very fickle, gorgeous cloudless sky in the African Jazz Capital, The Mother City of Cape Town, though chilly morning, but a shorts and flip-flops day for sure. At least the washing will get dry too.

The second day of October, sjoe, and is birthday celebration month of my Mom and Late sister Jenny would have be 62 and Mom turns 88 this month. Now starting to plan where we going to celebrate, Last year I took her and her Brother to the Hussar for lunch. Both enjoyed the meal and celebration there. Now, here’s the question do we return there again this year or find a new place to go to. Got any suggestions?

This year has been a really storming year so far, musically speaking, we received so many great new album by a veritable galaxy of Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz stars it’s going to be very difficult to choose my Top 50 album releases of 2015, and there’s still another three months left to make the right choices, but there are still many more to be released.

Jazz Music LogoI must acknowledge the people who have kept us up to date with all those new albums also introducing us the so many new artists and important bio information over the past years. In alphabetical order big thanks go to the following;

Ann Braithwaite, Brian Hurst, Cindy Budd, Dawn De Blaze, Jim Eigo, Joshua Ellman, Kari Gaffney, Kate Smith, Katherine Growdon, Kenny Tlale, Lisa Reedy, Lynda A. Weingartz, Mark Rini, Michael Carlson, Natty Goehring, Richard Anton and Shaunna Machosky, plus all of the independent musicians who have contacted and sent us the albums, both locally and internationally.


Klutz in the Kitchen

Klutz in the Kitchen

The Klutz In The Kitchen is gearing up to fire up his old slow cooker, which he has finally reclaimed from his Mom, who he discovered has never used it since he loaned it to her 30 or so years ago, been gathering dust in the back of one of her kitchen cupboards, see and saves buying a new one. Now cleaned up and looking like brand new, he is eager to get going, but he is looking for recipes to use and the first is a really good recipe for Lamb Shanks. Now, if you can please help, please send your Slow Cooker recipe to The Klutz In The Kitchen soonest. Looking forward the hearing from you.


I discovered another ex South African who lives in the UK and am trying to get his CD to put on our play list soon. Here is his bio taken from his website;

Philip Clouts Quartet UmoyaPhilip Clouts was born in South Africa and brought to Britain as a baby. His father, the poet Sydney Clouts, was a great fan of South African music and throughout Philip’s childhood the house resounded to the strains of Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and township jazz. It was the pianists who particularly caught Philip’s ear, especially Abdullah Ibrahim and Chris McGregor, and that’s where it all started.

Philip Clouts is founder member, composer and pianist in Zubop ‘that spirited, hugely enjoyable jazz outfit, which takes the whole world of music as its home territory’ (The Observer). 4 CDs have been released on 33 Records and performances have been in a wide variety of venues and festivals in the UK and Europe, including WOMAD, Glastonbury, Berlin Worldbeat Festival, Brewery Arts Centre, Exeter Phoenix, Frankfurt Sinkkasten, and London Vortex.

Zubop developed into ZubopGambia, collaboration with BBC World Music award winner Juldeh Camara and other West African master musicians, which has done two major UK tours and headlined at festivals. A concert at Ronnie Scott’s, London, where they “managed to raise the roof” (Roots magazine) was released as a live album.

Other work has included playing with virtuoso folk fiddler Chris Haigh in Klezmania, a group playing Klezmer music with elements of jazz improvisation, and touring with singer Gary Howard of the Flying Pickets.

Philip has released a trio CD of his compositions entitled “South “which was praised in Jazz UK as “An enormously enjoyable set of accessible but distinctive originals. Like the compositions, Clouts’ solos are thoughtful and persuasively structured”

Since 2007 the Philip Clouts Quartet has been a major focus of his composing and playing.

The new CD Umoya (titled from the Zulu word for life force), features rising star Samuel Eagles on sax and is one of the first wave of releases on the new jazz imprint from prestigious classical label Odradek Records.

On this album, Clouts’ African inspirations extend beyond Cape jazz to Gnawa music and Afrobeat, and further to pan-European folksong, soul-jazz and even drum ‘n’ bass. Joined by saxophonist Samuel Eagles, bassist Alex Keen and Yamaha Jazz Scholarship-winning drummer Dave Ingamells, he brings his musical journey alive with superb musicianship and infectious vigour.

“Eagles’ phrasing lends itself perfectly to the immediacy of Clouts’ melodic writing, and to the conversational nature of the group as a whole…the end result is one of attractiveness with the added headiness of exotic flavours and joyous, dancing rhythms.”  Rob Adams

The album release will coincide with a tour of England and Scotland including dates at Bridport Arts Centre (23 Oct) the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh (26 Oct), The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen (29 Oct) the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool (30 Oct) and a London album launch at Café Posk on Saturday 17 October.


Fried Scallops DayFried ScallopsA scallop is a type of marine mollusc in the Pectindae family. Scallops are typically two to five inches in size and can swim by rapidly opening and closing their shells. The muscle used for this activity is the only part of the animal that we eat.

Scallops are a highly prized seafood delicacy, known for their delectable taste and the variety of ways in which they can be prepared. In Japan, for example, scallops are served in soups or prepared as sushi. In Western cultures, scallops are usually breaded, deep-fried, or sautéed in butter.

To celebrate Fried Scallop Day, enjoy some delicious fried scallops from your local seafood restaurant. Bon appétit!

National Diversity DayOctober 2, 2015 is also Diversity Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chili Month, Dessert Month, Pasta Month, Roller Skating Month, Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is Walk Your Dog Week

Welcome to National Diversity Day. Friday, October 2, 2015, it is the 10th Anniversary of NDD, too! “Embrace Diversity, Embrace Our World!”

NDD Mission: To awaken the world to the wonders of all of our beautiful differences. To spread the awareness that all of us are the same in our desires for a good home, food, safety and the comfort of being accepted regardless of appearance and/or beliefs. With that awareness comes the joy of embracing all that others different from ourselves have to offer us in endless numbers of ways!


Today’s Streaming Broadcast Schedule on All Jazz Radio


10:00 – 13:00 The Jazz Rendezvous Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show

Compiled & produced by Eric Alan in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

13:00 – 14:00 The Eurojazz Frontier

Compiled, presented & produced by Peter Slavid in London, UK

(Euro Jazz – Old & New)

14:00 – 16:00 Jazz Mixed Bag

Compiled, presented & produced by Rudy Nadler-Nir in Cape Town, SA

(As the name implies a veritable cornucopia of jazz, blues Latin and world jazz)

16:00 – 18:00 5th Floor Jazz

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Contemporary, Fusion, Funk Jazz)

THURSDAY (Repeats)

18:00 to 21:00- The Jazz Rendezvous Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show

Compiled & produced by Eric Alan in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

21:00 – 22:00 Todd’s Turntable
Compiled, presented & produced by Todd Gordon in Edinburgh, Scotland
(Vocal Jazz from across the centuries up to today)

22:00 – 24:00 Mzantsi (South) African Jazz
Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA
(Jazz from the African continent, made up of the music by Afro Jazz, Blues and Latin musicians from across all borders)

24:00 – 02:00 Vagabond Blues
Compiled, presented & produced by Brian Currin Cape Town, SA
(Blues from Africa & the Global Village)


02:00 to 05:00- The Jazz Rendezvous Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show

Compiled & produced by Eric Alan in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

05:00 – 06:00 The Latin Perspective
Compiled, presented & produced by Tony Vasquez in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
(Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz)

06:00 – 08:00 The Midweek Music Melange
Compiled, presented & produced by Ndoxy Hadebe in Cape Town, SA
(Afro Jazz, Afro Soul, World Jazz)

08:00 – 10:00 Jazz Beyond
Compiled, presented & produced by Brian Currin in Cape Town, SA
(Progressive, Contemporary and Avant Garde Jazz)

All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.

Tune into the All Jazz Radio live stream, don’t miss the best jazz out of Africa, today.



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