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Listening to Tony Cedras’ new album Love Letter to Cape Town and met say loving it.


hearty Goulash Soup RaithThere I was scrolling through my Twitter thinking should I or shouldn’t I, well the long and the short of it was that on the day I decided yep I would specially when I came across this picture of a bowl of soup with a message blazoned across it white chalkboard lettering Hearty Goulash Soup. Now the last time I had Goulash Soup was at the Avalon Hotel in Montague, must be 20 or more years ago. The late owner Mrs Sowade had it on her menu and was the best I had ever had, try as much as I could she would not divulge the recipe to me. Disappointed I kept searching for a decent recipe for this heart warming meaty soup, no make that stoup (a cross between soup and stew)

I’m rambling on a bit, but got to lay down the background of this story, having seen a gorgeous picture of some Hearty Goulash Soup on the Raith Facebook page, and as I was on the way to pick up the mail at Contantia Village. I though what the hell, guess as I’m in the area I might as well do it and headed to Raith Gourmet Constantia Butchery, Bakery, Restaurant, Deli, Shop in the High Constantia complex, to check out this soup.

Raith GourmetAfter picking up the mail I wondered around the Constantia Village complex, having my fill of window shopping, seeing things I wanted, but could not afford decided to head for my lunch date. On walking through the door of Raith I was immediately stopped by a waiter and asked if I wanted a table, yes I said, but first wanted to have a look around, which I duly did. Suitably impressed by the delicacies spotted on my ramble found a table and sat down, no sooner had I sat down the waiter appeared menu in hand and asked what I’d like to drink. In short I ordered a pint of Paulaner 500ml Draught, which on arrival at the table I gulped down a mouthful, thirst slaked.

I was then told of the days special. As it was a Monday, the special of the day was delicious sounding Pork Belly, slow roasted pork belly rasher with mash potato, gravy and Sauerkraut sounded good and a bargin at R85.00 for two portions, but being on my own I couldn’t justify eating two Pork Belly’s, The waiter cheerfully said I could take the other portion home for dinner. I said with a wry smile my wife would not be happy with that scenario at all. I know I don’t have a wife but thought it was a funny little joke to myself.

So I finally settled for the Pork Schnitzel, something I’d not eaten in a while and it’s served with salad greens, either bratkartoffeln or frozen chips and cranberry jelly at R75.00. I chose the bratkartoffeln because they only serve those blerry awful frozen chips, which really cheapens any restaurant into a fast food joint. Besides frozen chips are a total cop out and very lazy way of serving so called chips. Yes I’ve said it the management of Raith Gourmet Constantia Butchery, Bakery, Restaurant, Deli, Shop are lazy and sloppy and do a complete disservice to all of their customers.

The food finally arrived and being ravenous I tucked in right away. There’s another pet peeve of mine, serving a cold salad on a hot plate of food, which this was, leading to unappetising wilted salad green, luke warm tomato’s and such like and spoils the meal somewhat too. I really don’t know why experienced chefs do this, seems like they forget their basics of food prep and service.

Schnitzel RaithThe Pork Schnitzel was nicely crumbed and very tough, not sure what cut of meat it was, also not that pleasant, not bad with the cranberry jelly though, which strangely saved the day as far as the meat dish goes. The best on the plate was the bratkartoffel, sautéed thinly sliced potato rounds with crispy bacon and onions, absolutely yummolicious. Don’t know why they just get rid of chips on the menu and serve bratkartoffel or their German potato salad with all of their dishes instead. There was sadly, also an overall lack of flavour to the entire meal, I had to add lots of extra salt and pepper to coax out the flavours of the entire dish. I’m a tough critic and as the title states it’s The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Straight Talkin’ No Punches Pulled Restaurant, Bisto, Cafe, Pub, Food Truck, Street Food & Take Away Grub n’ Cooking Maguffta Reviews, no compromises just tell it like it is, that’s how the Klutz rolls.


Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Not one for having dessert at the best of times, ok so I’m telling a little fib, but for give me, don’t do it all the time, So I asked my friendly waiter what was on the menu for dessert. He ran through the list of cakes am pies they had and when he said the magic words, Key Lime Pie I was sold and ordered a coffee to go with it. The pie arrived and looked totally scrumptious and the coffee aroma was rich and luscious. Took a sip of the coffee and was surprised by the flavour of the smooth tasty beverage, the best darned coffee I’ve had anywhere in Cape Town and surrounds in a long time, ‘s true I tell you, loved it.

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie

Now to the big test, The Key Lime Pie, on first mouthful the crust was crunchy and really good, the merengue topping was light and fluffy and looked good. The pie filling however was another story sadly it was not Key Lime at all, but regular lemon, thereby making it a regular Lemon Meringue Pie. Now I’ve a particular liking for both style of pie and know the taste and look of both, never the less it was really delicious.

I’m a tough critic and as the title states it’s The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Straight Talkin’ No Punches Pulled Restaurant, Bisto, Cafe, Pub, Food Truck, Street Food & Take Away Grub n’ Cooking Maguffta Reviews, no compromises just tell it like it is, that’s how the Klutz rolls.

See what’s happened, you forgot too that I’d actually forgotten too, I went to Raith’s try their famous Goulash Soup and was completely side-tracked because their entire menu looks delicious, mind you I don’t recall seeing it on their menu. I’m just going to have to pay them another visit soon, when that will happen, to soon to tell but back we will go, that’s a promise.

The Klutz in The Kitchen rates the Raith Gourmet Constantia Butchery, Bakery, Restaurant, Deli, Shop ★★★

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