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An AJR Blog Supreme1NB, BIG WARNING – It’s going to be a really tough few weeks going forward at All Jazz Radio. We have some new owners in our building which is a good thing however a small problem comes with this good news, there will be builders making alterations to the apartment directly above our studio, so there will be lots of noise going on. We have come to agreement that they will keep noise to a limit at certain times of our broadcast day. The builders estimated that the whole renovation will take up to four weeks, in spite of this not all that time will be heavy banging and drilling. So my policy for the Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show of less talk, more music will mean even less talk and loads more music will be in played there will be very few live on mic announcements and no interviews either during the building period. All info pertaining to what is being played will be Tweeted and a running commentary will take place on our Facebook pages, so please keep referring to our social medie sites, bear with us over the next four weeks.

Its another day and there is so much more new music that has come into the studios, we just love it ‘cause there is a whole heap of new Jazz, Blues, Latin and World jazz to share with the global village again this day. It’s unbelievable how much fabulous new music that is currently being released by the individual jazz musicians in the global village to date and that excludes all the well-known major record labels of the world. I’ve got to add a personal thanks to all the independent radio promoters and artist owned labels that make sure we get this new music regularly to play on All Jazz Radio.


Tony Bennett closes Meijer Gardens series by ‘stepping out’ with standards, ‘best American songs ever written’

The legendary, Grammy-winning singer delivered a bevy of classics for a capacity crowd in Meijer Gardens’ 20th anniversary concert at what he called the world’s ‘finest concert hall.

Read the full story here




Nathalie Loriers is a well-established Belgian pianist, composer and teacher. She has been the pianist in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra since 2002.  In this interview she describes her emotional connection with music, her use of meditation, and how her current trio with bassist Philip Aerts and saxophonist Tineke Postma was formed. They were performing at the Belgian Jazz Meeting in Bruges (4-6 September 2015), where Mary James interviewed her

Read the full Interview and sign up for the London Jazz News here


Enjoy great jazz music at Jazz’SAlive

The San Antonio Parks Foundation and the City of San Antonio have come together to present Jazz’SALive.

Jazz’SALive is San Antonio’s official jazz music festival on Saturday, September 19th and Sunday, September 20th at free of charge. There is a parking fee of $10-15 depending on where you park.

The event celebrates 32 years of jazz in the historic and newly renovated Travis Park.

Jazz’SALive features award winning national, regional, and local talent with diverse styles of jazz.

Guests will enjoy live music on two stages, festival food by more than 20 food vendors and wares from local craft vendors.

See and read the full story and line up here


The Klutz in the Kitchen really loves today’s food celebration because he really like making it for friends and guests and he’s really very good at it. Sadly on his meagre pension he can’t afford to indulge himself more than once every four years or so, having to set a date and save for it. Nuff sorrow and tears for now.

It’s Steak Au Poivre Day, that’s right pan-fried pepper fillet, just salivating at the very thought of it, aren’t you.

Steak Au Poivre is a French dish characterized by a steak, usually nice piece of fillet, coated with crushed peppercorns and then fried in a hot steel pan and it’s normally seared with lots of unsalted butter and sometimes a little oil and served with a yummolicious sauce, made with brandy, cream, butter, shallots, and sometimes Dijon mustard. The Klutz serves his with creamy garlicky mashed potatoes and Green Beans sautéed with bacon bits and fresh French bread to soak up the leftover sauce.

BTW, it’s also I Love Food and Wienerschnitzel day, that’s more about the Klutzes speed on the affordability scale.

Just a friendly reminder that September 29th is a big day for caffeine disciples everywhere, its International Coffee Day An annual holiday which is one of the most popular days on the fun holiday calendar, surprised? Mind you The Klutz believes every day is a celebration to enjoy the beverage whether it’s hot, iced, flavoured, espresso, cappuccino, latte, decaf, ok that’s taking it a bit far the decaf thing as a real coffaholic, I demand that decaf be withdrawn from the list, if not the Klutzes evil twin will be siced upon one and that no one wants to see happen.



Michael Janisch’s Paradigm Shift at the Vortex

Vortex, 3rd September 2015. Review by Sebastian Scotney

I can’t imagine a band which, could give a composer more variety of timbre, pulse, pace, style, than the one Michael Janisch has assembled for this 35-date tour, of which last night was the first. It somehow felt like a huge newly-designed ship was being sent down the slipway and into the water, and as a bystander one got occasional glimpses of its scale.

Read the whole story here


All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.


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