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All Jazz Radio Logo Face Book1A BLOG SUPREMEIts an unusual day at All Jazz Radio, why you ask, well see our genial host has little to write about today, must be the excitement of the weekend ahead or of have a special studio guest in studio today. It is however a gorgeous day in the Capital of Jazz in the Mother City of Cape Town today with loads of incredible gigs happening at the jazz venues of the country to go see and hear. Do tell us what your plans are, please us Email Info at All Jazz Radio to tell us or why not call us on Skype, alljazzradio, or on Viber and lets have a chat during my show, or make a request, howzat, eh! Should be fun

If you are a food loving fella like you genial host is and as nutty as The Klutz just Email The Klutz In The Kitchen with any queries or recipe suggestions/ most of all have a great weekend and remember to stay online with All Jazz Radio all day, everyday.


The Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show kicks of the start of the weekend festivities today, now I know it’s early and not the end of the day, Friday, What the hell we do it because we can and that’s how we roll at All Jazz Radio. Lets see what is on the steaming schedule today:-

Truth Coffee Logo At 10am Central African Time The Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show kicks off with the usual fanfare of an incredible mix of newly released albums from all corners of the global village. Usually your hosts policy of less talk, more music prevails, however today we have an extra special and exciting guest in studio around 11am C.A.T. The Klutz In The Kitchen is totally beside himself with excitement, can’t contain him at all. Coffeeholic, Entrepreneur, Master Coffee Roster, World Renowned Coffee Shop Owner, Truth Coffee Roasting Shop, David Donde will be with us. We’ll find out why the coffee culture has taken root world wide, Is it a fad? Will the momentum and growth continue? Why do so many serve inferior dishwater tasting bitter, scummy coffee and devoid of any flavour? These are just some of the questions to be answered. Join Eric Alan for this exciting chat. After that its back to the best jazz out of the global village today.

David Donde

David Donde

At 13:00 our man in London, Peter Slavid will be presenting his popular program The Euro Jazz Frontier during which Peter showcases the best of Euro Jazz, old and new untill14:00 C.A.T.

Rudy Nadler-Nir will at 14:00 take over the hot seat in the studio to present his popular program, The Jazz Mixed Bag, when anything can happen and usually does. Join Rudy for all the fun that that implies J.

From 16:00 the AJR Staff produced, 5th Floor Jazz program takes us to our unique overnight re-broadcast scheduling where one can catch up with programmes the may have bee missed.

Here is the scheduling overnight.



Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

21:00 – 22:00 TODD’S TURNTABLE

Compiled, presented & produced by Todd Gordon in Edinburgh, Scotland

(Vocal Jazz from across the centuries up to today)

22:00 – 24:00 TSOANG AFRIKA (Jazz From Africa)

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Jazz from the African continent, made up of the music by Afro Jazz, Blues and Latin musicians from across all borders)

24:00 – 02:00 VAGABOND BLUES

Compiled, presented & produced by Brian Currin Cape Town, SA

(Blues from Africa & the Global Village)


Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA
(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

03:00 – 03:15 LIVE JASSMAN BLOG
(Latest jazz news from Jo’burg surrounds and maybe even further afield by Editor Brian Hough)
Weekly chat with the editor of email newsletter The Jazzman covering the jazz beat in Gauteng and other interesting places in the global village from Jo’burg South Africa

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA
(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

Compiled, presented & produced by Tony Vasquez in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
(Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz)

Compiled, presented & produced by Ndoxy Hadebe in Cape Town, SA
(Afro Jazz, Afro Soul, World Jazz)

08:00 – 10:00- JAZZ, BEYOND
Compiled, presented & produced by Brian Currin in Cape Town, SA
(Progressive, Contemporary and Avant Garde Jazz)

Stay with us at All Jazz Radio for the best jazz in the universe today

All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.


Today is Chocolate Chip Biscuit/Cookie Day

Chocolate chip Cookies on trayNow we all like a biscuit / cookie and as we chomp into the damn thing bite back no matter ones resolution to only have one, maybe two. After that first bite one wants to eat more and dunk them is some hot beverage. I see you know the feeling huh! The Klutz in the Kitchen embarked an exhaustive Internet research project to discover the history of now famous The Chocolate Chip Cookie, which has invaded the palettes of children of all ages in the global village today. The Klutz would like to thank The Nibble for supplying the story that follows.

The History Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookie-lovers: Where would we be if it weren’t for Ruth Graves Wakefield (1903-1977), a 1930s-era Massachusetts innkeeper? Without Ruth there would be no chocolate chip cookies and by extension, no peanut butter chip cookies or other flavours of chips, no chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, no Chipwich. But why dwell on those what-if horrors? Let’s look at the happy history.

Ruth Graves graduated from the Framingham State Normal School Department of Household Arts in 1924. She worked as a dietician and lectured on food.

In 1930, Kenneth and Ruth Wakefield purchased a historic Cape Cod-style inn, the Toll House, on the outskirts of Whitman, Massachusetts, halfway between Boston and New Bedford. Originally constructed in 1709, the house had served as a stop for travellers in Colonial times: they paid their road toll, changed horses and dined. Over 200 years later, the Wakefields opened a lodge on the premises, the Toll House Inn. They served traditional Colonial fare. Ruth did the baking, and her desserts were very popular.

One day in 1937, while preparing a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, a colonial brown sugar cookie recipe, Ruth found that she did not have the baker’s chocolate required, and instead chopped a bar of Nestlé Semi-Sweet Chocolate into tiny pieces. She added them to the dough, expecting them to melt during baking; instead, the chocolate held its shape and softened to a creamy texture. The new cookies became very popular at the Inn; Ruth’s recipe was published in newspapers throughout New England, and sales of Nestlé’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar skyrocketed.

Ruth eventually approached Nestlé and reached an agreement that allowed Nestlé to print what would become known as the Toll House Cookie recipe on the wrapper of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (part of the agreement included supplying Ruth with all of the chocolate she could use for the rest of her life). As the recipe continued to grow in popularity, Nestlé began to score the chocolate bar and packaged it with a special chopper for easy cutting into small morsels. In 1939, they introduced Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels. Nestlé claims that the Toll House is the most popular cookie of all time. Who are we to disagree?

And the recipe was originally called Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies, as the morsels, or chips, came later.

The After Story

Officially, chocolate chip cookies are the state cookie of Massachusetts, where they were invented, and Pennsylvania, home to Hershey’s, Nestlé’s chief competitor in the chocolate morsel business. Alas, you can’t visit the Toll House Inn today. In 1966, Kenneth and Ruth sold it and retired to Duxbury, Massachusetts. The new owners turned the building into a nightclub. In 1970, it was sold again, to the Saccone family, who restored the original Toll House Inn and Restaurant. Unfortunately, on New Year’s Eve 1984, the old building caught fire and was destroyed.

Now that you know the history of this tasty little morsel, you going to head to your local purveyor of all things you diet instructor warned you against. Go one you know you want that little beastie of a Chocolate Chip Cookie new, so go get some and enjoy. J


It’s gonna be a good day today, fact is its gonna be a wonderful weekend to be listening to All Jazz Radio online at all times, “tune in” via our website at www.alljazzradio.co.za we’d love you to be with us. Please Join the All Jazz Radio – Cape Town, ZA FB Group and LIKE our All Jazz Radio FB Page and Follow us in the Twittersphere as well.


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