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Klutz in the Kitchen

Klutz in the Kitchen


There I was, hanging around at the computer at home checking things on Facebook, Twitter and on the Internet seeing all sorts of interesting things I decided to follow up on a couple. So I went out to try out a new coffee shop in Kenilworth called The Bootlegger, now after seeing there Facebook page with a picture of one of their burgers which was on special offer celebrating their new liquor license, now as one knows The Klutz in the Kitchen is a real sucker for a really good burger at anytime of the day.

Bootloegger logoI arrived around 11:17 on Saturday morning, looked for a table in the nearly full shop and found one, sat down, casting my eyes around he buzzing, vibrant shop, and soon after was presented with the breakfast menu by an attending waitress for which I was not there for. I asked if they had another menu and was told yes and given 3 other menus. Two of which stated they were only in operation at certain times of the day but was pleased to see the burger menu had no such restrictions.

Whilst perusing their menus I ordered a cup of their coffee, shock and horror a mini cup was served, no not an espresso cup nor a regular cup but something in between, the young waitress, hate the word waitron, noticed my look of consternation and disappointment, I said, “don’t like the small cup? er, what do you think young lady” I said. I won’t say what she said because I fear her bosses may victimize her. The offending cup was 175ml cup as opposed to a normal 250ml cup and at 20 bucks and was a serious rip off to my way of thinking. The coffee itself was horrible, bitter with scum on top. They claim huge pride in their coffee, don’t know how because it was like dishwater, ugh! It makes something I’d not drunk since a child, a certain brand of cheap chicory based instant “coffee” taste good.

The Coffee Cups

The Coffee Cups

I was now ready to order and the manager over to take my order. I told her I wanted the Burger Special as advertised on Facebook. I was told no that the kitchen for that side was not open nor were the burgers ready, huh! I was told that the burgers are made fresh and weren’t ready another huh! This was now around 11:45. I was further informed that the equipment for making and cooking the burgers was not ready, again huh! Having been in and run professional kitchens and owned restaurants I knew there was a problem and that the manageress was totally out of her depth forgetting about customer service and that the customer is king. She single handedly destroyed The Klutzes faith in the Bootlegger Coffee Company, I do however lay blame at her bosses for a complete lack of customer service training. I won’t be back at the Bootlegger in Kenilworth in a hurry nor do I recommend them highly at all.

The FB picture wot started it all

The FB picture wot started it all

I left hungry, disappointed and ripped off, shame is that I’d hoped to find a local coffee shop to arrange meetings at on a regular basis, sad it’s not to be at this stage, depends on a second visit sometime in the future. The search continues.

The Bootlegger is lucky to get ★★ = Better than bad, still not good enough, waste of time and money. Visit at ones own peril.

The Klutz in the Kitchen will be visiting one of the other branches in the near future to see if the experience is repeated.

Visited Bootlegger Kenilworth on Saturday 29 August

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