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Later on this week during The Jazz Rendezvous Radio Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show we’ll have the wonderful Cape Town vocalist, no lets call her voice stylist, teacher, musician and all round nice person, Nicky Schrire​ who has re-settled in the African Jazz Capital, The Mother City, City of Cape Town​ after her years of study and performance around the global village. We’ll also be talking coffee at the end of the week with David Dondé​, founder of Truth Coffee Roasting and owner of the coffee emporium that has been named as the best coffee shop in the global village by The Telegraph in London. Now I love coffee, but there are some really blerry awful coffees being served up at the coffee shops that seem to be springing up like rabbits in breeding season. That’s coming up this week on All Jazz Radio.


The Klutz in the Kitchen is really looking out for anther stunning recipe to share and thinks he has found a winner. Oh! Because he also really likes the main ingredient, besides it’s a quick n’ very easy that any learner Klutz can master it in seconds. Look out for the Bangers & Mash Pie recipe on Tuesday’s edition of The Jazz Rendezvous Radio Pinotage, Coffee & Stockvel Show. The Klutz will have you impressing your dinner guests in not time.

The Klutz is also meeting with a gentleman who has a new toy for him to play with, which will save huge amounts of electricity and naturally money. We will evaluate the Remoska and report back in a week or so and have a representative in studio to tell you about this interesting new kitchen thingy.


Now on air 11:00 is THE JAZZ RENDEZVOUS RADIO PINOTAGE, COFFEE & STOKVEL SHOW then we chat to LONDON JAZZ NEWS BLOG CHAT the London Jazz News Blog editor Sebastian Scotney) then its back to THE JAZZ RENDEZVOUS RADIO PINOTAGE, COFFEE & STOKVEL SHOW
after which we have MZANTZI (South) AFRICAN JAZZ from 14:00 – 16:00 which is compiled & produced by the AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA – 100% South African Jazz recordings made up of any number of SAFRO musicians in the band from all corners of the global village. At 16:00 we have A SLICE OF JAZZ
Compiled, presented & produced by Rhys Phillips in Cardiff, Wales, UK featuring Interviews, New Album Releases, CD Reviews and an eclectic mix of Jazz. Before our unique rotation of programme repeats thus allowing one to catch programs that may have been missed. Here is the schedule;


Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA
(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

Compiled, presented & produced by Tony Vasquez in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
(Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz)

22:00 – 24:00- TAKE 5 & THEN SOME…..
Compiled, produced & presented by Clifford Graham in Cape Town, SA
(A Mix of Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary and Smooth jazz)

24:00 – 02:00- JAZZ AROUND THE WORLD
Compiled, presented & produced by Wolfgang König in Berlin, Germany
(All genre styles of jazz from around the world)


02:00 – 06:00 THE ECLECTIC MIX

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Mixed Genre Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz)

06:00 – 08:00 THE JAZZ REP – NOW & THEN

Compiled, presented & produced by by Ray Porter in London, UK

(Historic & Nostalgic Jazz)


Compiled, presented & produced by by Andy Hardy in Ngongotaha, New Zealand

(Groove, Fusion & Funk Jazz)

Remember that All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.

Tune in on the All Jazz Radio Website



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