Jazz Rendezvous – A Blog Supreme by Eric Alan – Tuesday 31st August 2015

All Jazz Radio Logo Face Book1A BLOG SUPREMEIt’s supposed to be the start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere today I’m reliably informed told. Get you facts right weather person, it’s still winter in Cape Town, overcast, chilly, wet and miserable, humpf! Forecasters huh! Breakfast on the go today the best steak pie every from Coimbra Bakery, Claremont, beats Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Spar, in fact any supermarket bakery anytime of the day.

There I was, hanging around at the computer at home checking things on Facebook, Twitter and the Internet seeing all sorts of interesting things I decided to follow up on a couple. So I went out to try out a new coffee shop in Kenilworth, Bootleggers, now after seeing there Facebook page and the picture of one of their burgers, and as one knows The Klutz in the Kitchen is a real sucker for a really good burger at anytime of the day. I ordered a cup of their coffee, shock and horror a mini cup was served, no not an espresso cup nor a regular cup at all, the waitress noticed my look of disappointment and said, “ don’t like the small cup?” er what do you think young lady I said. At 20bucks that was a total rip off to my way of thinking. Nuff said for now read the full review of the visit to the Bootlegger later when we publish The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Straight Talkin’ No Punches Pulled Restaurant Grub n’ Pub n’ Cooking Stuff n’ Reviews


jazzweeklogo2012Top 50 Radio Play Charts

We will also post The JazzWeek Weekly Top 50 Jazz Radio Airplay Charts today so one can see what’s been played on Jazz Radio in the global village today. Time permitting our webetor will also post A Blog Supreme too. Lots happening at All Jazz Radio today, tune in and listen.

 Today on All Jazz Radio.

A new week at All Jazz Radio with another load of new, unheard music on the menu this week on todays Jazz Rendezvous Radio Pinotage & Coffee Stockvel Show with Eric Alan. Yes indeed exciting, adventurous and never before heard on any radio station in Africa broadcasting from Cape Town, the jazz capital of Africa, join me Eric Alan live from 10:00 online at www.alljazzradio.co.za for the finest jazz the global village has on offer today.

At 13:00 it’s the turn of Tony Vasquez from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania presenting his regular Latin Perspective showcasing the finest Latin jazz today.

Clifford Graham is then behind the mic presenting Take Five and Them Some playing some of his favourite jazz from all corners of the universe.

From Berlin, Germany Wolfgang König then takes us on a journey with Jazz Around The World from16:00 and today it’s Jazz Goes Classics.

Join us for our live broadcasts online today.

Here is what our re-broadcast schedule looks like for the rest of the day until the next live streaming day begins. Stay with us all day.

SUNDAY (Repeats)

18:00 – 22:00 THE ECLECTIC MIX
Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA
(Mixed Genre Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz)

22:00 – 24:00- THE JAZZ REP – NOW & THEN
Compiled, presented & produced by Ray Porter in London, UK
(Historic & Nostalgic Jazz)

24:00 – 02:00- THE GROOVE MERCHANT
Compiled, presented & produced by Andy Hardy in Ngongotaha, New Zealand
(Groove, Fusion & Funk Jazz)

SATURDAY (Repeats)

02:00 – 06:00 THE NO NAME BRAND SHOW

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary Smooth, Fusion, Funk & Soul Jazz)

0600 – 08:00 COOKING JAZZ

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Contemporary, Mainstream, Nostalgic, Pop Jazz)

08:00 – 0:00 THE KIBBY FACTOR

Compiled, presented & produced by Guitarist James “Acid Robot” Kibby in Cape Town, SA

(Acid, Avant Garde, Electronic Jazz, Blues)

Remember All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.

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