Jazz Rendezvous – A Blog Supreme by Eric Alan – Monday 17th August 2015

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NOTE From the AJR Big Boss

Thank you for all of your invaluable and ongoing support of All Jazz Radio. I must offer a huge vote of thanks to you all, our world wide volunteer presenters, for your invaluable and unwavering support and assistance in keeping the music playing during these past few months. I am back on air once again and behind the mic after a long lay off and presenting The Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage & Coffee Stockvel Club daily from 10am Central African Time. I do hope that you’ll listen in an encourage all in your circle to do so daily hence forward.

After a far to long lay off due to a number of health issues over the past few months, a total right proper inconvenience and, literally pain in the butt, it has been, I must add. that I’m also a bit tired of being prodded and pricked having undergone a battery of tests to ascertain the reasons for this horrible bout of ill health. Feeling like a popper pin cushion right now. Still no reasons or results given as of yet, however it seems as the medicines (drugs ) prescribed are doing the job as intended, at last. Also due to these pesky lurgies and other nasty things, I’ve also not been able to get out and about much for a while to see and hear some of the gigs around town, hopefully this will change too. Who said it was an easy thing to run an Internet radio station out of my apartment on one’s own. Crazy, but its being done. eh!

Nuff of the gloomier side, thank the gods for the positive finally happening. It has not been easy and I am fully focused on getting on top of things again, though I may request some assistance and guidance from various quarters going forward. So, with that in mind I’ve a lot of catching up to do, mostly blerry boring AJR admin, which has grown into dictionary of “paper work”, not my most favourite task at all. Best of all are the mounds of new music and artists I need to go though, sjoe! tons of it, but what a fun journey of discovery lay’s ahead for yours truly. Should you wish for me to send you some of the  new albums by South African jazz, blues, Latin and world jazz artists, feel free to let me know and I’ll send it via WeTransfer. There are a number of free radio music download sites that I am a member of, mostly independent music and artists. This has been a boon of incredible discovery of new music and talent. Who said jazz is only 1% or 2% of the world wide music market. If you, in your country find that there is some music by artists in your area, please let me know or send the albums to me for inclusion in our library, gotta love the digital era, eh! Currently I’m listening to Marianne Solivan’s album Spark and will follow that with Nduduzo Makhathini double cd offering, then Jon Irabagon Inaction Is An Action, Fred Hersch’s Solo then Cecile McLorin Salvant’s For One To Love then Rus Nerwich The Wondering Who then Larry Carlton & David T. Walker at Billboard Live, Tokyo then Marcus Wyatt & ZAR Jazz Orchestra One Life In The Sun then Jeff Healey The Best of the Stony Plain Years- Vintage Swing, Jazz and Blues then Ramsey Lewis Taking Another Look then Bokani Dyer World Music to mention but a few but so far so good. Jeez the list just keeps growing and with so many CD reviews to write. Please feel free to write some CD reviews and stories pertaining to jazz from your part of the world so that we can add it under your by line on our website and social media pages, thanks in advance. Just email it to me as an attached word document.

The Klutz in the Kitchen will also get to the task of finding those delicious, simple, quick and easy recipes whereby one will be able cook up a storm in preparation for the hours of happy listening to the great music feature on the unique and unmatched online radio station that is All Jazz Radio.

Our plonk swigging and swilling pirate of beer and wine barrels will also be getting on with his usual hunt for the wondrous treasures from the cellar masters and masters of brewing excellence. The plonkaholic will enlighten, educate and edify all the enjoy the fermented fruit and berries of the earth from time to time, something not to be missed and exclusive to All Jazz Radio. Tune in via our website at www.alljazzradio.co.za or on our Facebook page. Do Follow us in the Twitterspher to @alljazzradio as well


We’re still doing it world wide like no one else,


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