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From Facebook – Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band posted
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Any artist is grateful for their fans. It is a great compliment for somebody to respond positively to your music. And yet, when somebody tells me that they enjoy hearing the BIg Phat Band on Spotify or YouTube, I can’t help but think of the numbers on the chart displayed in this article. In order to make US minimum wage of $1260/month, an artist must get 1,044,430 plays on Spotify during that month. To earn minimum wage on YouTube, you need 4,500,000 plays! Does anybody really think this is an economic model that can lead to artistic growth? Actually, never mind growth, it’s really a matter of survival and nothing less. Many of us are hanging in there and looking for new ways create the music we believe in, but it is a false economic premise to think that this is sustainable. If you love music of content, please share this link.

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