Hiromi Uehara “The Trio Project”: CD REVIEW by Carol Martin

Hiromi Uehara “The Trio Project” - Hiromi Alive

Hiromi Uehara “The Trio Project” – Hiromi Alive

Hiromi Uehara “The Trio Project” – Hiromi Alive

One of the most emotion-evoking pianist magnets I know in our jazz era, 35 year old Japanese impresario Hiromi gives us another ranting, rhythmic, and even romantic album on her “Hiromi Live”. If you listen on [good quality] headphones, you will quickly develop a dizzy adrenaline rush, just on her first song, “Alive”. Her left bass hand is heavy, but lilts into softer, kinder melodic ballads. Even the song titles of this album explain Hiromi’s progression on life. “Dreamer” is the most beautiful on the album, spinning the listener into a trance-like meditation. “Seeker” has an easy bluesy swing with a tinge of funk and humour.

But it’s her drummer, Simon Phillips, who fills all the stereophonic spaces with various drum rolls, taps, rumbles, and pulses. Your head reels now. In fact, he makes this album. Drums tend to dominate amongst Hiromi’s piano runs, but stay true to the focus of the album, to be alive!
Hiromi’s right hand runs, although some of the fastest I’ve ever heard, manage to lessen the stress. In “Wanderer” she moves from a walk to a bebop swing. In “Player”, double bassist, Anthony Jackson, comes alive with another bebop saunter, walking along with improvising keys. Likewise, “warrior” hits a nerve of competition and struggle as part of life’s expectation. It’s an energetic piece, again thanks to the drums’ variety of rhythms. We finally start to mellow as life matures in the melodic and soft “Firefly”, and resolves into a beautiful gospel spell in “Spirit”. Its tune lingers with the electric bass soloing, almost mournfully.

After bouncy and lilting refrains, moving towards a spiritual resolution, “Life Goes On” jolts one into an upbeat, funky swing, reminding us that nothing really comes to an end. Life IS a dizzying journey – Hiromi has a style all her own. This is a must-listen-to album if you can hold on long enough. See her video of the “Alive” song on http://www.hiromimusic.com/ taken during the studio recording. Awesome stuff!

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