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ALL JAZZ RADIO LOGO 2014A BLOG SUPREMEWhere has the year gone, time has flown by December is around the corner and thought turn to the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, why it just seems like it happen just the other day. Any how, we will be there for you right through the festive period keeping one and all company, sharing the best Jazz, Blues, Latin and World jazz the global village has to offer.

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The 16th Cape Town International Jazz Festival first artist line-up announcement

Cape-Town-International-Jazz-Festival16If you are receiving this mail for the second time we sincerely apologise. But, with the Internet being so slow across the country at the moment, and our mail system showing that you haven’t yet received it, we didn’t want you to miss out on the line-up for the 2015 Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

It has been called the ‘popular upstart’ by Canadian radio station CBC. But upstart or not, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (CTIJF) and ‘Africa’s Grandest Gathering’ is ranked within the top 10 best jazz festivals in the world. While talking numbers, it also turns ‘Sweet Sixteen’ in 2015 and is in the mood to celebrate.

Cape-Town-International-Jazz-Festival1espAfrika, a subsidiary of Sekunjalo Investments Limited and the festival organisers, have sourced another stellar line-up of local and international artists and acts from jazz and jazz-related genres – the first 20 (of 40) announced today – please see below.

This year’s line-up includes:

Amel Larrieux (USA); Basia (Poland/UK); Beatenberg (SA); Bänz Oester and The Rainmakers (SWISS/SA); Claude Cozens Trio (SA); Carlo Mombelli and The Storytellers (SWISS/SA); Courtney Pine presents House Of Legends (UK); Delft Big Band (SA); Dirty Loops (SWEDEN); Gerald Clayton Trio (USA); Melanie Scholtz Presents ‘Our Time’ Ft. Jitsvinger (SA); Madala Kunene (SA); Mahotella Queens 50th Anniversary Celebration With Special Guests (SA); Naima Kay (SA); Sons Of Kemet (UK); Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse (SA); The Brother Moves On (SA); Purbayan Chatterjee & Talvin Singh (INDIA/UK); Wallace Roney Quintet ft. Lenny White & Buster Williams (USA); Zoe Modiga (SA)

cape-town-international-jazz-festival-2012The event place on the weekend of 27 and 28 March 2015, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) will once again be transformed into festival central with five stages; one of the largest hospitality villages experienced in South Africa and host more than 38 thousand Festinos.


All Jazz Radio continues to grow from strength to strength and a vote of thanks goes to our wonderful volunteer broadcasters on five continents and currently in 6 countries, who each week diligently supply us with their radio shows. This makes All Jazz Radio the first truly global online radio station, we think the world’s first Jazz, Blues, Latin and World jazz station streaming daily. We are very proud of this and continue to be the best at what we do.

This leads to us continuing to search the global village for more volunteer presenters; reviewers and writers who would like to become a part of to global AJR Family. Please just email us with a list of 20 artists that would be included in a show. We’d also need all contact details, Skype, Viber and email.


Klutz in the Kitchen ConfessionsPlease do read the Klutz in the Kitchen Grub Reviews of some of the places he’s recently visited. The Klutz is on a mission to find really good wholesome, affordable, unpretentious, tasty, simple home cooked grub at café’s, pub’s, bistro’s and takeout joints in his and other neighbourhoods. The Klutz does tire of his own cooking from time to time and when that happens he goes on the prowl to find a friendly neighbourhood joint the will hopefully serve up a really good craft beer and a memorable meal. The plated meal must look totally yummolicious, with the main criteria being the taste, quality, freshness, service, overall menu appeal and price. The food must also have home cooked family quality and appeal to a family on a tight budget.

The Klutz will be brutally honest and tells it like it is pulling no punches.

The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Grub Rating System

★ = Really bad, horrible, unpleasant, and abysmal, never visit, ever!!!!!!!!

★★ = Better than bad, still not good enough, waste of time and money. Visit at ones own peril.

★★★ = Middling, tolerable, almost acceptable to adequate, could be still very much better.

★★★★ = Enjoyable, pleasant and satisfactory, worthy of a visit from time to time.

★★★★★ = Magnificent, really fantastic, truly well worth a visit regularly.

If you have an idea of a place that fulfil the Klutzes criteria, just mail the details to us at All Jazz Radio and we will set the Klutz on the venue chosen.

Remember that The Klutz in the Kitchen pays for all food and drink consumed when reviewing any of the café’s, pub’s, bistro’s and takeout joints, All visits are unannounced and never booked at all.


What has been your favourite album releases over the past year?

Please send us a list of twenty artist and albums that have been added too your own collection, then add another twenty artist and titles albums you wish to add before the year is out. Email or inbox your lists today be they CD or vinyl.


Jeez, what is it with ESKOM the South African power supplier they just can’t get it right? Load shedding (forced power outages) is to continue till next year. Our government is so inept they still continue with cadre deployment instead of appointing people to managerial positions who have the right qualifications to rum the multi million rand power supplier. It’s time for a change in government and of the inept leadership in our poor beleaguered country. Twenty years and we have become the laughing stock of the world with international business selling up to move to pastures greener. I am sadden by what our liberation has become, the shining beacon of democracy in 1994 has truly become a tarnished shadow of the great promise shown by our founding father, Nelson Mandela. My wasted vote has come to naught; change is now the only alternative before we sink further into the quagmire of further mediocrity as a country. The dream is shattered by the corrupt and politically bankrupt leaders, one can only say, Cry The Beloved Country. Damn just getting frustrations off my chest, don’t know what I can do, but to try to rally right minded citizens to make a difference soonest. Rant over.

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