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Where does one find the Best Pub Lunch in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town?


The Village BistroIt wasn’t a good week having learned of the passing of a broadcast colleague and was in Meadowridge to attend the funeral service, I was too early so thought to use my time in the area wisely and not having had breakfast I decided to lunch at Village Bistro, though not a pub or offering pub faire.

The venue had been established way back in 1989, starting off as a small really nice coffee shop, vivid memories come to mind, having a girlfriend living in the area. Over the years the venue transformed into what is now the Village Bistro and run by Chef and Owners Peter and Lindsay Ward whose connections to the place going back years.

The place was busyish with what seemed to be many Meadowridgers filling seats. On being seated I perused the menu, which offered a variety of international style dishes and there were a few specials on offer. These were written, rather badly, on a chalkboard above the open plan cooking area, none appealed to me. Then continuing to read through the small uninspiring menu it hit me, a wonderful dish I’ve not had since my restaurant cooking days years ago, Ossobucco that wonderful traditional Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth, but wait this was not the traditional Osso Bucco, this was Lamb Shank Osso Bucco in a tomato herb sauce served with grilled gnocchi romaine and garnished with a traditional cremolata. Not wanting a beer as I was going to a funeral after the meal I stuck to drinking a coke.

The Lamb Shank Osso Bucco arrived and was not looking particularly mouth watering in the bowl it was served but was rather drab. I though oh no, problems, though the meat fell from the bone which was great, but I was disappointed that the flavours were lacking. The lamb was tasteless and bland as were the overcooked mushy vegetables in the dish. This was a modern tack on a traditional Italian dish, which did not work for me at all, sadly.

The Village Bistro is currently not recommended by the Klutz in the Kitchen at all at this juncture, and receives ★★★ = Middling, tolerable, almost acceptable to adequate, could be still better

The Klutz in the Kitchen will not write Village Bistro off as of yet, and will visit again in a few months to see if any changes have been made and will again review the venue.

The Klutz in the Kitchen pays for all food and drink consumed when reviewing venues, and all visits are unannounced and never booked at all.

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