The All Jazz Radio Great Southern Suburbs Best Pub Lunch search is underway. Pub visit #2

Where does one find the Best Pub Lunch in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town?

barristers logoBarristers Newlands

It was Barristers Newlands a warm Thursday when I decided to try the Barristers Pub Lunch menu. Now I have always enjoyed the steaks at this very popular eatery in the heart of Newlands and yet have never tried the Pub Lunch menu. So with The All Jazz Radio Great Southern Suburbs Best Pub Lunch Search underway I thought this would be a great time to test the waters, so to speak. And as the menu invites one to “Come and join us. Pull up a chair. Have a taste. Life is so endlessly delicious.” I did just that. I was welcomed and shown to a table indoors as the patio area was quite full. Being warm I ordered a pint but was a wee bit disappointed that it was not as cold as it should have been, more chilled than icy. I felt like a salad I decided to start with a Caesar Salad, described on the menu as a “Traditional Caesar salad, with cos lettuce, crispy bacon bits, anchovy fillets, capers and quartered boiled egg. Comes with Caesar dressing on the side”. The salad looked truly inviting just the right thing on a balmy warm day. On the first bite, the cos lettuce was not as crispy as described and the end bits were brown and somewhat off-putting. The bacon bits were overcooked and could not be speared by the fork and the egg yoke also way over cooked. All in all not a great start.

The pub menu is quite extensive with a wide selection of pub faire, but no crusty beef or chicken pie instead there was Cottage Pie, which was described as a “delicious savoury mince, covered in creamy mashed potatoes and a side salad”. This sounded quite appealing but as I was there for a pie, so ordered it. Service was quite average and relatively slow. The Cottage Pie arrived on a plate in a rectangular bowl and the side salad resting against the hot pie dish. One thing I dislike more than anything is hot wilted salad leaves and warm soggy tomato. I dug into the Cottage Pie though the mash and hot a forkful of mince and mash and shazam no flavour. The mince was quite watery and unappealing needing a lot of added salt and pepper. The mash topping was equally tasteless again missing seasoning and very watery and not fluffy creamy and buttery as I believe good mash should been sadly.

Overall the meal was a failure and I would not rate it at all. Will I be back, yes because I like to check if the errors I discovered have been fixed and again will report back in the near future.

The Klutz in the Kitchen Rates the venue – ★★


The Klutz in the Kitchen Rating System

★= Really bad, horrible, unpleasant, and abysmal

★★ = Better than bad, tolerable with a show of promise

★★★ = Middling, acceptable to adequate, not too bad but could be still better

★★★★ = Enjoyable, pleasant and satisfactory, visit at anytime

★★★★★= Magnificent, really fantastic, truly well worth a visit

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