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2014 ALL JAZZ RADIO VERY SMALL LOGOA BLOG SUPREMESjoe! Bad week last week with AJR Peeps not well and sadly the news of the passing of two broadcasters, Our sympathy and condolences go to the Family’s of The Late Russell Majiet and Benedict Peters.

Russell Majiet singing

Russell Majiet

Russell who was not a well person when he joined the All Jazz Radio Team and it was his passion for music that led him to take up the challenge of broadcasting. He was a jazz vocalist for many years and was a revered maths educator. Thanks you for being a part of AJR, Rest In Peace Russell.

Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters

Benedict Peters was a man I’ve known for a number of years who I got to know at FMR when he joined the team. He was a fun, passionate man who loved what he did on the radio. Listeners will miss his presence on the radio. RIP Benedict.


Today Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage & Coffee Stockvel Club starts the streaming day from 10am C.A.T. Our Latin Jazz connection in

Tony Vasquez

Tony Vasquez

the USA, Tony Vasquez presents his popular show, The Latin Perspective from 12 to 1pm. After which we have our compiled program of the smoother side of jazz, Take 5 and Then Some hits the streaming waves before our Berlin based broadcaster Wolfgang König congasWolfgang König gets behind the mic to present Jazz Around the World during which he will focus on the Electric Bass, good stuff, neh!


Today Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Yorkshire pudding day today2008 saw the launch of British Yorkshire Pudding Day in the U.K. As Sunday Roast Dinners are still the most popular time when people make and eat Yorkshires, it seemed logical that Yorkshire Pudding Day should be on a Sunday, but we thought any day is a good day for a roast and good Yorkshire Pud. It is a recipe which has stood the test of time, a history dating back to the 1700s and its predecessor, Batter Pudding, having been eaten perhaps centuries before that throughout Great Britain.



British Yorkshire Pudding Day is not meant to be some sort of serious nationalistic statement with sinister undertones. It is merely a day set aside when everyone, be they British or not, can remember, enjoy and celebrate the joys of an age-old recipe.

Klutz in the Kitchen - Guitar4The Klutz in the Kitchen has found a really easy recipe to be enjoyed on this day, so get the victuals to make a delicious Beef Roast with all the accompanying veggie’s and best of all, Roast Potato’s and Onions. It’s going to be a yummolicious day me thinks J

October 13, 2014 is also Canadian Thanksgiving & Yorkshire Pudding Day & Skeptics Day & Top Spinning Day & Columbus Day (in the USA)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Chili Month & Dessert Month & Pasta Month & Roller Skating Month & Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is World Rainforest Week


On This Day

1939 – Harry James and his band recorded On a Little Street in Singapore for Columbia Records. A kid singer named Frank Sinatra was the featured vocalist on what was his seventh recording.

1953 – An ultrasonic (sound with a frequency greater than 20,000 Hz) burglar alarm was patented by New Yorker Samuel Bagno.

Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby

1957 – Two superstars introduced a new car on ABC-TV. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra joined forces in an hour long special that turned out to be a big ratings hit. Too bad the Edsel, the car that Ford Motor Company was introducing, didn’t fare as well.

1958 – This day was musically memorable as Warren Covington conducted the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra for what would be the last big band tune to climb the pop charts. Tea for Two Cha Cha, made it into the Top 10, peaking at #7. And that was the end of the Big Band Era. Rock ’n’ roll was here to stay.

1963 – Beatlemania hit the London Palladium. The Beatles made their first appearance on a major TV show — for the BBC. Thousands of delirious fans jammed the streets outside the theatre to voice their support of the Fab Four. A few months later, Beatlemania would sweep the U.S. as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

1971 – ‘Little’ Donny Osmond received a shiny gold record for his rendition of the Steve Lawrence hit, Go Away Little Girl. He went on to garner million-seller success with Hey Girl and Puppy Love too. Donny was quite popular with the bubblegum set, as well he should have been. Donny was only 13 years old.

1973 – The Rolling Stones’ Goat’s Head Soup was number one album in the U.S. With the exception of Angie, the album’s tracks were only semi-memorable: Dancing With Mr. D, 100 Years Ago, Coming Down Again, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), Silver Train, Hide Your Love, Winter, Can You Hear the Music, Star Star.

1979 – Speaking of the teenage set, Michael Jackson went to “#1 … 1 … 1” for the second time with Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough. His first number one (Oct. 14, 1972 – age 14) was a ratty little number about Ben.

1994 – Netscape Communications Corporation announced that it was offering its new Netscape Navigator free to users via the Internet. The Internet browser, developed by the six-month-old Silicon Valley company led by Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark and NCSA Mosaic creator Marc Andreessen, was available for free downloading by “individual, academic and research users.”



Libra (September 22 – October 22)

After what happened last year, it might be wise to review some basic trick-or-treater etiquette. Asking kids what they’re dressed up as: cool. Asking whether they’re having a good Halloween: also cool. Forcing them to listen to you read lovelorn poetry about your ex before handing over the candy: not cool, my friend. Not cool.

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