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2014 ALL JAZZ RADIO VERY SMALL LOGOA BLOG SUPREMECloudy skies threaten with rain later today, not going anywhere so let the rain come J It was my Mom’s birthday yesterday, shjoe! 88 she is, so on Monday I took her and her 95 year old brother out for lunch on Monday which she and Uncle Jimmy really enjoyed however the reverse must be said when we and 8 of Mom’s friends went to The Ocean Basket at Cavendish Square. Service was not great, typical fast food joint. The food was not must better. I had the Shrimp in Garlic and Lemon Sauce and Fish and Chips together as a main dish. The Shrimp was cold and tough and the Fish was totally over cooked and the less said about the chips the better, all in all an unpleasant meal which reinforced my resolve to never again set foot into any Ocean Basket ever again. Nuff said.

The broadcast day kicks off at 10am C.A.T. with Jazz Rendezvous Radio Show with 3 hours of fabulous new releases, many of which have never before been played on any radio station in Africa today, Tune in and listen to us online for the finest Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz streaming out of Africa today. From1 to 2pm one can here The Latin Perspective, hosted by Latin jazz aficionado Tony Vasquez from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who present a bold mix of vibrant Latin jazz, join him at 1pm C.A.T. At 2pm Ndoxy Ndodana Hadebe will be behind the mic presenting his show The Midweek Music Melange which features a cross cultural melange of jazz from the Global Village. The Sundown Show follows with a mixed bag of contemporary, smooth jazz to relax to whilst driving home, mind you one must remember to plug in the mobile phone to tune in

to the best and only online jazz radio station streaming all day, everyday from the African Jazz Capital, The Mother City of Cape Town, join us right now. just click to tune in to All Jazz Radio


Today is Apple Betty Day!

Apple Betty Day ice cream and fork is a crustless apple pie seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar. An apple brown betty is a common variation, which includes layers of sweetened breadcrumbs.

This classic American dessert dates back to the colonial period and probably evolved from the traditional English bread pudding. The name “brown betty” first appeared in print in 1864 when it was mentioned in a Yale Literary Magazine article.

Apple Betty DayIn honour of Apple Betty Day, bake your own version of this scrumptious dessert and top it with lemon sauce, ice cream, or whip cream. Yum! That can be said again in fact lets kick the Klutz in the Kitchen’s  butt into action to find the best Apple Betty recipe for today, once done it will be posted as usual; on his page

October is Breast Cancer Awareness & Chili & Dessert & Pasta & Roller Skating & Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is Walk Your Dog & World Space & Fire Prevention Week


Pop-up bar gives Sandton a taste of luxury rum


IMAGINE in the middle of bustling Sandton, an intimate luxurious place with a number of different rooms to promote the basic elegance of an authentic old-town Gautemalan bar, you are in a pop-up bar featuring premium rum brand Ron Zacapa, launched in South Africa late last month.

The bar, which kicked off with invited guests only, is in the Sandton Eye (corner of Rivonia and West streets). Guests are able to avail themselves of different spirits and cocktails. On the launch night, the soothing and enchanting melodies of jazz and soul, performed by the Melo B Jones band and DJ Ken Zero kept the crowds entertained. The bar will disappear on November 28.

Jazz in Johannesburg

Read the whole story here


It was on this day October 08 in ……….

1895 – The Berliner Gramophone Company was founded in Philadelphia. Record players were not too far off in the future.

berliner-18961935Wedding bells pealed for a singer and a bandleader who tied the knot, making radio history together. The bandleader was Ozzie Nelson and the singer was Harriet Hilliard. They would make the history pages again on this very day — nine years later.

1941 – The Benny Goodman Orchestra recorded Buckle Down Winsocki, with Tom Dix as featured vocalist, on the Columbia label.

Benny Goodman Orchestra recorded Buckle Down Winsocki1952The Complete Book of Etiquette was first published. Get your elbows off the table!

1956Lawrence “a-one and a-two” Welk was doing so well with “da boys inta bant” on ABC-TV, that, after being on the tube for just one year with The Lawrence Welk Show, Welk originated another popular show called Lawrence Welk’s Top Tunes and New Talent. Mr. Welk wasn’t much on hip show titles, was he?

1980 – During his performance at Pittsburgh’s Stanley Theater, Bob Marley collapses on stage and is rushed to New York’s Sloan-Kettering Hospital for treatment, then flown to Ethiopia for rest. It was to be his last stage performance before losing his battle with cancer in 1981.


LONDON JAZZ NEWS: City Music Foundation adds three jazz musicians to its young artist roster

The City Music Foundation, a new organisation providing early-stage opportunities and mentoring for young professional musicians has chosen three jazz artists for its 2014 roster.

The three are 

– Composer/ bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado

– Clarinettist/saxophonist and leader of the Kansas Smittys Giacomo Smith

– Drummer Pedro Segundo (photo above).

Pedro Segundo. Photo Credit- B EalovegaThe aim of the Foundation is to “create bespoke projects specifically designed to suit the career aspirations and goals of each artist over a period of two years.”Pedro Segundo. Photo Credit: B Ealovega



Interview with Pedro Segundo

Review of Misha Mullov-Abbado at Omnibus Clapham

Review of Giacomo Smith Group at Boisdale Canary Wharf (Apr 2013) 


Throat Singer’s Performance Goes Viral

Anna-Maria Hefele is the furthest thing from a traditional singer, and now a video of her performance is going viral. Hefele can sing using polyphonic overtone techniques, also known as “throat singing.” She can sing two notes at the same time.

Anna-Maria HefeleThe video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times on YouTube thanks to a nod from Reddit, where users gave it more than 4,105 upvotes. Hefele tries to explain the technique in the video saying, “You can sing the overtone scale on one fundamental. Another fundamental has its own overtone scale, so in order to have more overtones to sing nice melodies, you can use different fundamentals and change them while singing.”

Commenters on the video are mostly baffled at Hefele’s unusual talent, which some are calling “otherworldly.” In other words, we’re not sure if she’s a human or an alien. One commenter suggests Hefele is not an alien but a witch, writing “Burn the witch! Burn! Seriously though, this is witchcraft.”

On her website, Xanmoo.com, she writes that she has been practicing this unique musical technique since 2005. Polyphonic overtone singing started in southwestern Mongolia, where it is known as sygyt. If you’re interested in learning how to sing like Hefele, she is holding a workshop Oct. 25-26 in Austria for 190 euros per person.


Jazz in Johannesburg – Heather Maxwell – Posted October 5th, 2014

I arrived in Jozi late Tuesday afternoon September 30th, stiff and exhausted from the fifteen-hour flight. But after a good night’s sleep and fresh morning coffee, I was ready to discover the music of the city and, oh how I did. By around 9:00 p.m. that evening I was watching these cats pictured above, mesmerized by their dazzling performance.

Earlier that morning I visited Kaya FM 95.5

to meet Nicky B, the venerable host of the weekly radio program, the World Show.  Nicky and I hung out in her studio sharing stories about African music and favorite artists, and she tuned me in to what’s current in the Johannesburg music scene.

Heather Maxwell

Heather-Maxwell_avatar_1383234421-80x80Heather Maxwell produces and hosts the award winning radio program “Music Time in Africa” and is the African Music Editor for the Voice of America. Heather is an ethnomusicologist with a Ph.D. from Indiana University specializing in African Music. She is also an accomplished jazz and Afrojazz/Afrosoul vocalist and has been working, researching, and performing in Africa and the U.S. since 1987.


JAZZ: Futshane’s Innocent Victims and Perpetrators

Gwen Ansell micBY GWEN ANSELL of Business Day Live, 08 OCTOBER 2014, 05:46

Lex Futshane Innocent Victims and Perpetrators

Lex Futshane Innocent Victims and Perpetrators

must be one of the hardest-working bassists in Joburg, but his public performances are relatively few. The bulk of his work is as an educator, project director, and performer at private and corporate functions. One of his most interesting recent projects was Bass-ment, an ensemble featuring 12 bass players: six from classical backgrounds and six rooted in jazz.

But backtrack to Futshane’s student days, and he was one of that early generation of graduates from the pioneering Centre for Jazz and Popular Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, participating in innovative South African modern jazz recordings such as Counterculture’s 1991 Art Gecko (B&W) with trumpeter Feya Faku.

Now, Futshane has released his debut album as leader, Innocent Victims and Perpetrators (EXido Projects). And for those who enjoyed Art Gecko, it’s worth saying that while the voice of this fresh outing is much more distinctively Futshane’s own — all nine compositions are his — the mood is very much that same one of thoughtful modern jazz with some distinctively Eastern Cape musical flavours.

Read the whole story here


B.B. King cancels remaining tour dates due to illness

B.B. KingCHICAGO, Oct. 6 (UPI) — Blues performer B.B. King cancelled all of his tour performances Saturday after falling ill during a show at the House of Blues in Chicago.

King has had problems throughout the course of his tour to the point where his reps apologized for a substandard performance in St. Louis. King has had Type II diabetes for two decades. His website issued a statement on the cancelation. Read the full story here


LONDON JAZZ NEWS: Tom Hewson wins 2014 Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition

TOM HEWSONTOM HEWSON, from Kent, a graduate of New College, Oxford and Trinity Laban, has won the fourth Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competitition. Hewson has already won another prize this year: he was awarded a Help Musicians Emerging Excellence Award in March. Camjazz are due to release an album by Treehouse next year. (WEBSITE).

The three others who went forward to the Nottingham Grand Final were:

2012 Q & A with the Forge

Tom Hewson on Youtube in a trio with Alam Nathoo and Pete Ibbetson

LONDON JAZZ Read the whole story here


Africa: Remembering the Late Milton Blake On the 70th Anniversary of His Birth

Norman Otis Richmond Aka Jalali

Norman Otis Richmond Aka Jalali

By Norman Otis Richmond Aka Jalali

The Late Milton Blake

Milton “The Voice” Blake

Blake and this writer created the Black Music Association’s Toronto Chapter in 1984 to plug African-Canadian music makers into the international music market. It was a huge success.

Milton “The Voice” Blake was more than a brother to me. Blake was my comrade and being a comrade is deeper than being a brother. Comradeship is ideological; brotherhood is biological.

The revolutionary ancestor from Guinea-Bissau, Amilcar Cabral, was clear on this issue. Said Cabral: “I call you ‘comrades’ rather than ‘brothers and sisters’ because if we are brothers and sisters it’s not by choice, it’s no commitment, but if you are my comrades I am your comrade too and that’s a commitment and a responsibility.”

The Fort George St.Ann Bay, Jamaica-born Blake would have been 70 years old on September 25th.

When Blake succumbed to colon cancer on October 18th, 2007, I lost a part of myself. It was like losing an arm, a leg or an eye. Blake and I were like political Siamese twins. We engaged in many righteous political battles together. When my wife, Yvonne Kentish, joined the ancestors in December of 1987, Blake gave me his bed. He did not want me to stay in my apartment by myself.

My son, Malik, who was born pre-maturely after only being in his mother’s womb for 27 and a half weeks, was at Women’s College Hospital in an incubator. Blake became Malik’s godfather. To put it mildly, me and the guy with the golden voice were closer than close.

When Blake and this writer created the Black Music Association’s Toronto Chapter in 1984, it was our intention to plug African-Canadian music makers into the international music market. At that time, only jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, had penetrated the global market.

Most observers of African Canadian Music credit Norman Granz, a Euro-American, and not the Canadian industry with Peterson’s success. Blake and I were well aware of this fact, and sought to correct it. We sat down with Garth White, Diane Liverpool, Francis Omoruyi, Daryl Auwai, Wayne Lawson, P.V. Smith, Xola Lololi and Chris Thomas and formed the Toronto Chapter of the Black Music Association (BMA).

The Toronto arm of the BMA was pan-African from its inception. We were never a “tribal” group. Our leadership was made up of people from Africa, the Caribbean and North America. The BMA in Toronto (along with the New York City Chapter) distinguished itself from many of the other chapters in the BMA by supporting the United Nations-sanctioned cultural boycott of South Africa.

We held a demonstration involving 300 musicians and friends to prove our point. Most members of the African Canadian community supported the cultural boycott, although another Black music group criticized the BMA for its stand.

Our chapter supported the efforts of Kenny Gamble of Philadelphia International Records and co-founder of the BMA, and Dick Griffey, head of Solar Records and the Chairman of the BMA, to have our convention in Nigeria. Not all members of the BMA wanted to visit the Motherland. Many were of the opinion that “I ain’t left nothin’ in Africa.” We in the Toronto Chapter quoted El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and reminded them, “You left your mind in Africa.”

One of the milestones for Blake was when he and the BMA/TC forced the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Science (CARAS) to add two Black Music Awards categories into the 1985 Juno Awards. The BMA/TC had called for three new categories to be included in the Junos; CARAS added an R&B and Reggae Awards but failed to add a Calypso category.

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