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2014 ALL JAZZ RADIO VERY SMALL LOGOA BLOG SUPREMEcape town shipwreck robin islandMay be tempting fate, but it’s a gorgeous day in the Mother City of Cape Town today and gonna be a hot one, summer it seems to have finally arrived. There is no City better than Cape Town in the world, no matter the weather but summer it just something special.

The broadcast/streaming schedule for today looks like this:

10:00 – 13:00 Jazz Rendezvous Compiled program

13:00 – 14:00 The Latin Perspective Presented by Tony Vasquez from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

14:00 – 16:00 Take Five and Then Some Compiled program

16:00 – 18:00 Jazz Around The World Presented by Wolfgang König from Berlin, Germany

18-00 – 02:00 Re- Broadcast Programming Sundays Programs

02-00 – 10:00 Re- Broadcast Programming Saturdays Programs

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Twinsmusic Enterprises Presents The 5th Edition Of Italian Jazz Day

Twinsmusic EnterprisesOn October 13th, thousands of people will be gathered in New York for a special day in music by celebrating Italy’s prolific Jazz musicians. Coinciding with Columbus Day, the Italian Jazz Day commemorates Italy’s finest musicians as they get to preform in five venues in New York including Measure Lounge, Arturo’s, Les Peascadeux, The cutting Room, and Showman’s.

Italian Jazz Day flagWith more than 35, 000 people slated to attend The Columbus Day Parade in New York, it will surely be a spectacle to attend the concerts being held around the city with some of Jazz music’s best musicians. Some of the invitees include pianist Mario Nappi and bassist Corrado Cirillo, who both won the Maastricht Jazz Competition in 2013. Another notable musician is Alessio Busanca, a deft pianist who won at the Orsara Summer Camp of 2014. The list couldn’t be complete without the presence of world renowned saxophone player from Abruzzo, Venanzio Venditti, whose lengthy career has strengthen Jazz music in Italy and across the globe.

In addition to playing in New York, a special concert will be held at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Lead by critically-acclaimed pianist Antonio Ciacca, there will be also be performances by Rachel Z, Simona, Premazzi, Simona De Rosa, Gabrielle Stravelli, Pat O ‘Leary, Steve Ash, Lucio Ferrara, Scott Robinson, Jerry Weldon and many others.

These are must see shows for a Jazz experience quite unlike any other, so make sure you check the calendar below to attend the shows!

October 8-10 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Rachel Z

Rachel Z

Rachel Z  Trio

October 11 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Rachel Z trio featuring Lucio Ferrara

October 12 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Simona Premazzi solo piano

October 13 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Simona Premazzi trio

October 13 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Antonio Ciacca trio plays the Italian American Song Book.

October 14th & 15th Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Pat O’Leary with Scott Robinson feat. Mario Nappi

October 16th Arturo’s, NYC

Pat O’Leary feat. Mario Nappi

October 16th Cutting Room, NYC

Antonio Ciacca Quintet with Simona De Rosa

October 16 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Lucio Ferrara trio feat. Corrado Cirillo

October 17 & 23 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Steve Ash Trio feat. Corrado Cirillo

October 18, 20 & 22 Measure – Langham Place, NY



ANTONIO CIACCA trio & guests

October 19 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

MARCO di GENNARO – solo piano

October 19 -Le Pescadeux

Gabrielle Stravelli featuring Mario Nappi

October 21 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Jerry Weldon trio feat. Alessio Busanca

October 22 -Showman’s, NYC

Jerry Weldon

Jerry Weldon

Jerry Weldon trio feat. Alessio Busanca

October 24 – 25 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Venanzio Venditti quartet featuring Mike Karn and Jerome Jennings

October 26 Measure – Langham Place, NYC

Alberto Pibiri -solo piano


The month of October is Pasta Month and today is Noodle Day

Noodle Day longWhat is the difference between Pasta and Noodles you ask? There are two basic forms of pasta – macaroni and noodles. Macaroni products are made from semolina and water. Noodles are made from Durum flour (a more finely ground form of semolina), water and, by Federal regulation, egg solids. So, without the egg solids, a pasta product can’t be identified as a noodle.

The Klutz in the Kitchen has searched for the best noodle recipe, which will be posted on his page on our website later today, what has he found you ask? Well its Singapore-style Noodles that’s what, it’s a recipe by Phillippa Cheifitz and looks delightful, it simple and very quick prepare, tasty Asian flavours to start the week off. Buon Appetite and have fun in the kitchen.


Rwanda: Kayayi Produces Fine Music From Poor Neighbourhood

By Moses Opobo

As a resident producer at Celebrity Music Studios in Gatsata, Jean-Blaise Kayayi’s typical day revolves around nurturing dreams of up-and-coming musicians. This however, comes with its own share of challenges, he told Moses Opobo.

Do you have a business name just like the artistes you produce?

Yes I do. As a producer, people know me as Jimmy Pro.

When and how did you start Celebrity Music Studio?

We opened it in 2008, in Gatsata, on Gatuna Road.

My uncle, Theoneste Rutayisire bought the studio equipment for me. He is a very experienced musician and I’m actually in studio working on his latest album. He does traditional music. Interestingly, he is not a music producer and up to now, he only sticks to singing.

Why a studio then?

He told me whenever he went to studios he was disappointed either by poor production or bad treatment. One day, he said enough is enough and started looking for information on how he could start a studio of his own. What gave him encouragement was when someone told him that he needed just a computer and software to start a basic studio.

How did you end up a producer?

Just like my uncle, I also liked singing and I’ve actually been singing before I switched to production. Like him, I also faced the problem of poor treatment in the studios that I visited, in that in some studios an upcoming artiste is treated like a child.

When my uncle bought a computer he called me and asked me to help him set up a studio. I went and saw the computer and software, but I knew nothing about music production!

I taught myself by memorizing what I had seen other producers do, and by watching some tutorials on YouTube.

By 2008, I had started doing some productions, but they were of low quality because I was still learning the basics and I did not have the right equipment and software. However, I learnt very fast because I loved it. I wanted something that would help me make my own music.

In production, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. At Celebrity Music Studio, our mission statement is to help the young talent who do not have money to produce their music.

That is why we decided to build the studio in Gatsata, which is a poor neighbourhood. For such artistes, we try to find ways of helping them; we can record their music at a reduced price, or for those that are very talented, we give them a contract and sign them up.

Who are some of the artistes you’re working with?

Eric Mucyo, Engeneer Kibuza, Umutare Gabi, G-Battallion Crew, Lucky Joe, and Jeff Ataba, to mention but a few.

Any challenges?

The media prefers to focus attention on the big stars -musicians, while they ignore producers who work from behind the scenes to make stars. This makes it difficult for us to prove our abilities.

On the part of musicians, most young artistes face opposition from home regarding their choice of career, so they try to do it in secrecy. Parents have to understand that music is a serious business and a calling.

What’s your production style?

The first advice I give to all artistes who work with me is to not ask for auto-tune in their music, because it only ends in studio. No one can play auto-tune on stage. Auto-tune is not good for musicians because it’s not real. In music you’ve to be real and normal. You have to sing live on stage, in your natural voice.


Uganda: Joe, Norman Brown Bring the House Down

By Felix Eupal

Nile Gold Jazz Safari 2014For the seventh year running, the  kept its consistency. It was back at the Kampala Serena hotel last Friday. Felix Eupal breaks down how it went on.


Saxophonist Michael Kitanda

Saxophonist Michael Kitanda

Saxophonist Michael Kitanda has really had Kampala feeding out of his palm this year, and he was still the man that was chosen to curtain-rise. Together with guitarist Charmant Mashanga, they really warmed up the crowd.

Tizer band:

Assembled by Lao Tizer, these guys, who have travelled and played at various festivals, had many wondering what they had to offer, but they proved why they are sought after.

The band served an eclectic mix with spurred comparisons of a modern twist to the 70s and early 80s heyday fusion. Band leader Loa Tizer provided a soft bed of keyboard melodies on which Cameroonian born Andre Manga just ‘killed’ everyone with his bass guitar possibilities.

Norman Brown

Norman Brown

Norman Brown:

You don’t get nominated for the Grammy in the best guitar category more than five times when you are not a top shot. Brown took the full house to a jazz safari with his guitar.

He had his music director Gail Johnson backing him up on the keyboard. And boy, he was a wonder! For moments he played, the crowd just shook their heads to the sounds. He usually does covers but this time decided to stay to his own songs.

That’s The Way Love Goes got the crowd on its feet. Surely, they needed more as they screamed for him to stay on stage.

Thomas JoeThomas Joe:

He was the reason why the tickets sold out despite being here for the second time. He walked on stage in a black tux to the cheers of mostly the ladies. It was 11:15pm and the party had just started. He opened with Stutter, Don’t Wanna Be A Player, and Ride With You before pausing to thank the fans and share his excitement.

The ladies couldn’t stop screaming as he did If I Was Your Man. He then took us back in time with Paint Your Picture before belting out hit after hit. He turned the heat up by moving into the crowd while doing a rendition of Night Nurse followed by On And On, Love Scene, and All The Things. He closed it with I Wanna Know – as the crowd was beaming with joy.


No show goes flawlessly. At times the sound got messed with lots of feedback. Then there was that moment when Club beer’s Shem Semambo struggled to get on the stage because Joe was taking Nile Gold while performing. Security tried to hold him back, but it was like he was possessed. Semambo please, next time save us; this is was not Unplugged!

Then, to my surprise, Joe wasn’t live. Yes, he tried to disguise by having a half band, but much of the work was done by the DJ. And that time when we had to wait for over 40 minutes as they set up for Joe wasn’t cool at all.


Usually Nile Gold has had a habit of first treating its guests to a cocktail before the event. However, that wasn’t the case this time round. Guests were receiving beer and water coupons, but what shocked everyone was that the bar was closed just after it was opened.

That is not what you expect when you part with Shs 180,000 for ordinary and Shs 300,000 for VIP.

Meanwhile, at the entrance, everyone had to get a wrist band. However, those who arrived late (at about 9:30pm) found they were over and had to wait for over 30 minutes as the organizers secured more wrist bands.


Mad Hatter Day

Mad Hatter DayCelebrate Mad Hatter Day! The Mad Hatter is a famous character in Lewis Caroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Today is all about embracing his absurdity.

In 1986, a group of computer technicians in Boulder, Colorado celebrated the first Mad Hatter Day. They designated the holiday as a day of silliness and year after year it has grown in popularity. Mad Hatter Day is celebrated each year on October 6 because the Mad Hatter wears a top hat labeled “In this style 10/6” in the book’s illustrations. It is also six months from April Fools’ Day, the first silly holiday of the year.

Today, recognize the reality that is nonsense and the silliness that is sane. Grab a top hat and celebrate a very merry Mad Hatter Day!

October 6, 2014 is also World Habitat Day & National Noodle Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Chili Month & Dessert Month & Pasta Month & Roller Skating Month & Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is National Walk Your Dog Week & World Space Week & Fire Prevention Week

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