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2014 ALL JAZZ RADIO VERY SMALL LOGOA BLOG SUPREMEWinter again in spring, I don’t know why the weather gods are so angry with us in the Mother City, but enough already, come on summer goods show the winter gods who is boss. Throw the sunshine switch please.

Cape Town is special in winterDamn the oven has packed up and the stovetop is dying too, needless to say the Klutz in the Kitchen is really pissed at this development. Time now to start looking at a new built in stove. I’m looking for some advice about what brands are worth looking at. It’s just not the right thing to do, cook a Beef Roast in the microwave, suggestions please.



We have an exciting new show starting on Friday 3rd October and is to be presented by UCT Lecturer, writer, soccer and music lover Dr Kolade Arogundade. The show Friday Faaji will be streamed/broadcast from 4 to 6pm Central African Time every week.


Kolade Arogundade

Kolade Arogundade

Kolade’s professional range of interests incorporates Land Economics, Project Management, TQM, Urban Land Management and Property Valuation, and he brings his considerable critical and independent thinking to analysing not only his professional work, but the politics of his home country Nigeria, and his adopted home, South Africa. His first love is soccer, his second music. He has been collecting both music and information about genres of music and the lives of musicians for years, and turned this informal research into writing, endless conversations, connections and presenting various radio shows, as well as DJing at various venues. He is also a poet and a writer, running a small independent publishing company called Giants in the Land. He is loved especially by his brilliant wife and joyous two-year-old son who live with him in the Mother City of Cape Town.

The show will include music from the entire African continent and will be an amalgam of genre’s with jazz being an integral part of the programming.


I am a feminist. And I am a jazz musician.

Nicky Schrire

Nicky Schrire

Soapbox Status:

Disclaimer: I like men. I love the male musicians I know and am fortunate enough to work with. This isn’t man-bashing. The fact I need to write this disclaimer at all is what’s wrong with the negativity surrounding the term “feminist”.

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John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”: the 50th Anniversary

John Coltrane's A Love Supreme CD CoverJohn Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme, ” the 50th Anniversary. The 37th Annual John Coltrane Memorial Concert, with the John Coltrane Memorial Concert Ensemble and guest artist Donald Harrison; hosted by Eric Jackson. Co-presented by Friends of John Coltrane Memorial Concert (fJCMC) and Northeastern Center for the Arts. Saturday October 18, 2014 at 7:30 pm.

“Acknowledgement” “Resolution” “Pursuance” “Psalm”, the four movements that comprise John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” suite, considered by many to be his greatest work and the most profound spiritual jazz composition ever created. Fifty years ago, the entire world was embroiled in political movements to gain equal rights, a restless climate in much need of answers that only a higher power could convey. It was within that climate that “A Love Supreme” was born, and to this day, this particular composition continues to resonate.

John Coltrane's - A Love Supreme 50th Anniversary posterThe suite, including a recitation of Coltrane’s prayer given by Eric Jackson of WGBH radio, will be performed in its entirety by the John Coltrane Memorial Concert Ensemble, comprised of Boston-based master musicians Carl Atkins (sax), Leonard Brown (sax), Jeff Galindo (trombone), Yoron Israel (drums), Ron Mahdi (bass), John Ramsay (drums), and George W. Russell, Jr. (piano). The Ensemble will be joined by special guest New Orleans’ saxophonist Donald Harrison, hailed as the “King of Nouveau Swing” who is also deeply rooted in the Black Mardi Gras Indian tradition, a tradition that stems back a few centuries to New Orleans’ Congo Square, where uprooted 18th and 19th century Africans could gather and openly celebrate their culture.

Further background information on the participants:

Donald Harrison

Donald Harrison

Donald Harrison is a New Orleans saxophonist, composer, arranger, principal consultant for the “Treme” series on HBO, and a Big Chief of the Congo Square Nation Afro-New Orleans Cultural Group. “Harrison reigns supreme in both of these worlds … ‘They inform each other, ‘ says Harrison, who adds that the feeling he gets when he steps out onto streets in his beautiful feathered and beaded suit on Carnival Day is comparable to when he blows his horn … ‘It’s a metamorphosis into a transcendental state, ‘ he explains of masking and being involved in the culture. ‘It’s the same thing when you’re playing jazz — it’s transcendental; it takes you away.'” (offBEAT, 2014)

The John Coltrane Memorial Concert is co-produced by Leonard Brown, Associate Professor of Music & African American Studies at Northeastern University, and Emmett G. Price III, Associate Professor of Music and former chair of the Department of African American Studies at Northeastern. “A richly deserved standing ovation capped another successful John Coltrane Memorial Concert, with everyone present already impatiently awaiting next year’s edition.” (The ArtsFuse, 2012)


crush-a-can-day-764x382It’s a great day today because you can take your frustrations out on the humble can. No matter which can you choose, it’s easy because it’s Crush A Can Day today. You know you want to, so don’t hold back when it comes to squashing those cans. Not only does this day give you the opportunity of crushing, squeezing and bending cans into satisfyingly small shapes, it’s also a chance to share can compression fun with family and friends. A fantastic stress buster, can squashing is also a great way to get more cans into a smaller space at recycling facilities, so get squishing those cans!

On Crush a Can Day, any safe form of can crushing is permissible. Why not gather friends together for a Crush a Can Ultimate Can Destruction party? Line those cans up and throw rocks or other heavy objects at them before stomping the tins into oblivion with a well-placed boot, better still remember tomorrow is Drink Beer Day so you can always finish the event with a few extra beers, prior the next days celebrations by generating more empty cans for further crushing excitement

Ancestor Appreciation Day 2014It’s also Ancestor Appreciation Day, a day to learn more about our ancestors and our past so that we can preserve our family history for future generations. Knowing where you came from and who your ancestors were can give you insight into your family’s values and traditions and perhaps even make you appreciate how far you family has come.

Celebrate Ancestor Appreciation Day by spending time with your relatives, who can probably tell you more about your family history. You can also learn more about your ancestors by researching online. Ancestry.com is a great source for learning more about genealogy, how to make a family tree, and how to find family history records.

You can also head over to About.com’s genealogy section to learn more about genealogy, how to research your family history and where to look, and how to share and preserve your family history for future generations.


Review from London Jazz News

The David Sanborn Trio

The David Sanborn Trio

The David Sanborn Trio feat Joey DeFrancesco and Byron Landham (Ronnie Scott’s, Thursday 25th September. 2nd of three nights. Review by Andy Boeckstaens)

David Sanborn’s emotional, keening wail on alto saxophone is one of the most distinctive and widely-heard sounds in jazz. Since the early 70’s it has graced hundreds of sessions, encompassing music with David Bowie, James Brown

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World Tourism Day Theme for 2014: Tourism and Community Development

World Tourism Day 27 September logo-2014This year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) draws special attention to the role of tourism in contributing to one of the building blocks of a more sustainable future for all: Community development. This focus is in line with the global transition to the Sustainable Development Goals as the guiding principle promoted by the UN from 2015 and beyond.

As a sector representing 9% of global GDP, one in 11 jobs worldwide, and a key revenue sector for developing and emerging economies, tourism is widely acknowledged for its capacity to respond to global challenges. The consolidation of tourism’s economic influence has built up its social responsibility and political relevance, with a growing number of countries allocating a stronger mandate to tourism in economic and development policy planning.

With the special focus on the community, WTD 2014 highlights how tourism can be conducive to advancing sustainable development from the grassroots level. Community based tourism involves the local population in the decision making process according to local priorities. The opportunity to become part of the tourism value chain actively involves host communities in the development process. Tourism thus becomes a catalyst of social cohesion, going beyond the immediate impact of job creation and its positive economic consequences and enhances, for instance, local governance capabilities which multiply the tourism impact even further.

This year’s official celebrations will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico and include a high-level Think Tank on the 2014 theme with the participation of tourism Ministers, international experts and policy makers in the field of tourism and development. To keep up-to-date with this year’s WTD activities, and to learn more about the theme Tourism & Community Development, bookmark the WTD website and follow UNWTO on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #WTD2014).

holiday list:


Buena Vista Social Club has gone gold in SA

Buena Vista Social Club goes gold in SASheer Sound and World Circuit are very pleased to announce Buena Vista Social Club has gone GOLD in South Africa after 17 years. Recorded in just six days in 1996 with a stellar cast of Cuban musicians, Buena Vista Social Club has become a musical phenomenon.

Sheer Sound’s relationship with World Circuit stretches back to 1994 when Talking Timbuktu was released and then took off and got the world’s attention with a Grammy win. That same year Sheer began it’s indie label and now 2 decades later is celebrating it’s 20th year. It seems fitting that it would celebrate it with the achievement of Buena Vista Social Club going Gold in the Territory in the same year. Released in South Africa in 1997 making it 17 years to hit the 25 000 mark (Gold status in SA). What is quite remarkable though is that it is most likely the first Import product (finished goods or Indent as it is sometimes known) in South Africa ever to do so, as the title was never locally pressed with product shipping in from the UK.

Buena-Vista-Social-ClubThe team at Sheer is ecstatic with this achievement and it is very pleasing to see it continue to reap rewards and get the accolades it so richly deserves. It is now an iconic album. An example of what can be achieved through beautiful music and collaboration and surrounded by amazing musicians and individuals with a humble story.

Hats off to Omara Potuondo, Guajiro Mirabal, Ry Cooder, Juan de Marcos, Eliades Ochoa and the rest of the wonderful band and those dearly departed Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez, Compay Segundo, Cachaito Lopez and each and every past member. Well done!

Thanks and congratulations also to the World Circuit team (past and present ) Nick Gold, Claire McFadden, Jenny Adlington, Matt Robin, Seb Mann and to my Sheer Sound colleagues Damon Forbes, Alex Zarmakoupis and Kenny Tlale.


Why Leonard Bernstein Still Grabs Hold Of Our Imaginations

Posted: September 26, 2014 11:26 am



“It turns out Lenny was truly great after all: one of the biggest, most colorful, most popular and recognizable figures in American classical music. And posterity shows no signs of abandoning him. Recording catalogues and publishers’ lists are as full as ever of his recordings, DVDs and Bernstein-related publications.”

Read the full story at Washington Post Published: 09.26.14


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