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JAZZ BLOG LOGOA BLOG SUPREMEShjoe it never stops, this beautiful beast we’ve created is a real hard taskmaster demanding more and more time. I don’t know where to find more

Carol Martin

Carol Martin

time. Thank goodness Carol Martin volunteered to write CD and Live performance reviews for our website and hopefully a few other odds and ends. Go to the Reviews link on our website and read her first CD Review of the debut album by drummer Claude Cozens’ Trio, “Jubilee Jam” features Kyle Shepherd on piano and Benjamin Jephta on bass.Welcome to the All Jazz Radio Team Carol, really great to have you on board. B.T.W. should one like to join our small highly dedicated and motivated volunteer team, please send us an email to let us know of your interest or Skype us and let’s chat about what you’d like to do on All Jazz Radio. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here’s what one can look forward today and Friday on All Jazz Radio;

10:00 to 13:00 Jazz Rendezvous With Eric Alan, Cape Town, SA
13:00 to 14:00 Todd’s Turntable With Todd Gordon, Edinburgh, Scotland (Vocal)
14:00 to 16:00 Jazz-E 100% SAFRO Jazz With Etienne Shardlow, Jo’burg, SA
16:00 to 18:00 Vagabond Blues With Brian Currin, Cape Town, SA (Blues)
10:00 to 13:00 Jazz Rendezvous With Eric Alan, Cape Town, SA
13:00 to 14:00 EuroJazz Frontier With Peter Slavid, London, UK
14:00 to 16:00 The Latin Side With Rudy Nadlir-Nir, Cape Town, SA (Latin)
16:00 to 18:00 5th Floor Jazz Compiled by Eric Alan, Cape Town, SA

Don’t forget if you weren’t able to listen to any days live broadcasts, one can catch up and listen to the days programs the following evening when we rebroadcast the programmes from 18:00 onwards. Click on the All Jazz Radio Website link to listen in. Remember too that we are highly portable and one can listen on ones smart phone or tablet and one won’t miss a note of the best Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz streaming daily from the beautiful shores of the Mother City of Cape Townjoin us right now. We’d also like to request that you visit us in the Twittersphere and FOLLOW us, just click on the link to go do it @AllJazzRadioSA Twitter

What do you think of the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus WatchiWatch? I must say I’m blown away and can’t wait to up grade. I mean I’ve still got an iPhone 4, which has given me excellent service and my up grade has been due for a number of years now. As an Apple aficionado and with Christmas and my birthday is coming, it may happen that I’ll have to treat myself unless some kind friend decides to be really nice and make me a gift of the iPhone 6 Plus, the phone will do for now, I’ll get the watch myself later on:) Oh well continuing to dream, neh.:(

It’s another one of those hectic days where there is so much to do and time in no friend of mine today, got a whole bunch of music to get on the AJR system, loads of emails to reply to so the auto presenter will be doing duty again today. Hey would you like to present a show on All Jazz Radio, if you’re interested please email us and tell us about yourself and your musical likes, in fact add an list of twenty artists you’d include in a show. Also please tell us a little about yourself, where you live and any other relevant info you may deem of interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joy of Jazz pays tribute to SA pioneers

Peter Tladi

Peter Tladi

Ten Groups that broke racial and cultural boundaries under the apartheid regime are to be honoured this year by the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz. Said the promoter of Joy of Jazz, Peter Tladi: “In many ways the objective of the regime was to divide, yet these artists were catalysts in forging unity and bringing people together. These bands also contributed uniquely to the cultural landscape in our country.” Read the full story at

JAZZ: Good year for SA jazz BY GWEN ANSELL, 10 SEPTEMBER 2014, 05:41

McCoy Mrubata

McCoy Mrubata

IT HAS been a vintage year for South African releases. The appellation “album of the year” becomes superfluous when nobody this year has yet sent me a bad album. It has also seen the revival of long-dormant jazz projects. We heard McCoy Mrubata’s Brasskap Project again after six years, and now Marcus Wyatt and Siya Makuzeni’s Language 12 returns after eight years.Read the full column at

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