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Hi Peeps,

Please note that I am discontinuing the use of all of my iafrica.com email addresses. Please update your address books and use info@alljazzradio.co.za in future. I have changed service providers after close to 20 years with M-Web, the past two months of serious problems with the upgrades, line speeds and lack of regard for customers have led to this dissension. M-Webs customer service standards have dropped and become totally become untenable. They have decreased customer service dramatically therefore I can no longer support them at all.

Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival convention centrePlease would you go click on the on the Joy of Jazz banner on our website and see who is going to be at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival from 25 to 27 September, best of you one can get 15% off tickets when one books at Computicket, I do advise one to book early to avoid disappointment, It’s a real goodie this year.

JazzTomorrow on All Jazz Radio we kick the day off with The No Name Brand Show from 10am to 2pm C.A.T. with lil’ ol’ moi, Eric Alan in the hot seat, presenting a wide mix of superb new jazz, setting the tone for the whole weekend. From 2pm C.A.T. we start Cooking Jazz hosted by jazz nut and really great food photographer Yaacov Harari with his gorgeous bride, Tali at his side, from Tel Aviv, Israel. Then the man is back for another foray into the world of interesting music, no one knows where it comes from and no one knows where he’s going on the day, one could say he’s a close cousin of the Stig’s so we won’t go there, neh!. Please do join James “Acid Robot” Kibby (No Batteries Included) for his for his show, The Kibby Factor from 4pm C.A.T. where he’ll lead one down the path of east resistance to the robotic music nirvana. Not a moments boredom on All Jazz Radio with only the best music shared with our friends from around the global village. Join us today, all day, everyday.

Klutz in the Kitchen - Guitar4The Klutz in the Kitchen is keeping it simple with toasted sandwiches today. All right then the Klutz has decided to do it Mexican style today with a Bacon, Cheese and Mushroom Quesadillas, hoe’s ‘it, neh! Simple and easy to do, fun too for the entire family.


Barney Rachabane: The little giant of jazz

22 AUG 2014 00:00 SARAH EVANS

Barney Rachabane

Barney Rachabane

Sarah Evans catches up with the little giant of South Africa’s rich jazz heritage a week before the inaugural M&G Friday Festival. Read the full story at



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