Dan Shout In With a Shout

Dan Shout In With a ShoutIt has become something of an event when Dan Shout releases a new album, he has proven to be a consummate professional and leave little to chance, with that said I missed the launch due to illness at the time, very sadly. With a quick glance at the track listing I thought, hello, hello what’s up here three tracks from his debut solo album Greetings & Salutations and thought should I feel a we bit cheated, but guess what I reserved judgment till I’d listened to the entire album. No there was no cheating by just adding the three tracks to fill space on the new album. The three tracks, Etosha, Big B, Tea With Alvin were each spruced up and given a totally new treatment, beautifully re-arranged and executed. Really nice one Dan. I guess I’m not used to Safro Jazz musicians redoing their own compositions so soon after their initial album releases, mind you those tunes were from back around 2010. The new tracks on the album are a joy to listen to and the young Mr Shout is proving to be a really outstanding composer of excellent music. He has certainly raised his own bar with In with A Shout and though very early days as yet, I am already looking forward to the next album from his talented mind and nimble fingers. The band he has put together is outstanding and they each executed their tasks perfectly throughout this outstanding album. It is a must have for any good music lover to have in their album collection.


Dan Shout, Marc de Kock, Sisonke Xonti (saxes), Gorm Helfjord (guitar), Andrew Ford (piano), Benjamin Jeptha (bass), Marlon Witbooi (drums) Daniel Bloem (perc)


Escape from Freedom, Hanepoot, Etosha from Greetings and Salutations,         For Big B from Greetings and Salutations, Justa Bitta Banter, Heavy Days, Tea With Alvin from Greetings and Salutations, Elephant Encounters

Label: Own Release

Dan Shout blowing up a storm

Dan Shout blowing up a storm

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