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Beautiful start to the day some clouds about and a little warmer than its been over the past few days, however as the saying goes, red sky in the morning shepherds warning, mmm, sitting in the lounge/office, glancing out of the bay window looking towards Cape Town and beyond there’s a gloomy heavily laden cloud bank heading our way. No fears though, according the weather people its going to be ok, no rain expected, so with that in view let’s see what cook floppy ear dogThe Klutz in the Kitchen has in store for us today. After spending a successful early evening in the kitchen when our Klutz made a yummoliciously good Bobotie and fluffy white rice for dinner and later sarmies for anytime of the day and have just had a couple of fresh wholewheat bread bobotie samies for breakfast, ah, still savouring the flavour filled and mouth wateringly good brekka with a cuppa hot char, mmm nothing could be better on a balmy winters morn in the most Portuguese Flat Chicken lemon platewonderful city ion the whorl, Cape Town The African Jazz Capitol. I see the Klutz has decided to stay with a recipe from our beautiful continent but, staying in the Southern hemisphere as we prepare cook a Portuguese Spatchcocked Chicken, howzat eh! lekkerlicious, simply can’t wait for dinner today.


Jeez, why is it that problems occur at the wrong times, big problem with my Outllook last night around 11pm C.A.T. and couldn’t sort it out did everything possible to na avail and have been trying since early this morning, tearing hair, wailing, admonishing oneself certainly not helping. Patience must be the order till service provider can assist. Time for a cuppa to collect ones thoughts is the only way to go to stay out of trouble.

2012  Jazz Rendezvous Logo topleftJazz Rendezvous preps done and dusted, it’s another four hours of new jazz releases during the show today, exciting and interesting music experience to come today. I’m looking forward to sharing the new albums and artists with the global village on All Jazz Radio today. After Jazz Rendezvous, the Tony Vaquez latin perspectiveLatin Perspective with host Tony Vasquez takes to the air once again showcasing the best Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz in the universe today. From 2pm C.A.T. Ndoxy Ndodana Hadebe Ndoxy behind micis in studio to prep and present the Midweek Jazz Melange of interesting jazz out of Africa and beyond. The Sundown Show comes up after that with a mix of contemporary smooth, fusion and funk sounds to take one home in a pleasant manner, helping one to relax whilst stuck in the drive time traffic. Join us and encourage friends, family and followers to do so as well, subscribe to the All Jazz Radio website at www.alljazzradio.co.za today.

Rotem SivanThe sophomore album by guitarist Rotem Sivan For Emotional Use Only will be available worldwide from September 2, 2014. Featured on this album along with Rotem is Haggai Cohen Milo on bass and Mark McLean on drums.

Fellow guitarist Peter Bernstein says: “Rotem Sivan is, with no doubt, the next guitarist of our times. He is a leader and a listener.”

Sivan and his trio will celebrate the release on Monday, September 1 at Small’s in NYC.Rotem Sivan For Emotional Use Only

Check out a video of the group herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdud65ys9WM

Streaming Tracks:

“For Emotional Use Only”: https://soundcloud.com/bk-music-pr/for-emotional-use-only-rotem-sivan-trio

“Sefi’s Blues”  https://soundcloud.com/bk-music-pr/sefis-blues-rotem-sivan-trio

2014 AJR LOGO 236If you are a Jazz, Blues, Latin or World Jazz musician and would like your music played on All Jazz Radio, please contact me by email, eric@alljazzradio.co.za Have you ever been interested in doing a radio show? Would you like to present show on All Jazz Radio, send me an email expressing your interest and listing twenty artists and album titles you would include in a show should you join the All Jazz Radio family. If living in Cape Town you would be required to do the show live in our studio based in Claremont and should you live anywhere in the global village please indicate if you have the facility to record a show when you mail us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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