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The new week starts with a mostly cloudless sky, in Cape Town today but there still is a chill in the air, so I’m pretty buoyed about the weeks ahead.

chef Muppet SwedishThe Klutz in the Kitchen has been beavering away like crazy to find an interesting recipe for today. He’s on a bit of a nostalgic plak at the moment and has found a wonderful recipe for Monkey Gland Steak, which will be available a little later on the All Jazz Radio site later. The live broadcast/streaming music day starts off with Jazz Rendezvous and we will be featuring a playlist of largely Contemporary, Smooth, Fusion and Funk jazz from 10am Central African Time or 9am G.M.T. After Jazz Rendezvous

Tony Vasquez Latin PerspectiveThe Latin Perspective will take to the streaming waves with genial host Tony Vasquez from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1pm C.A.T. Tony will share his knowledge and passion for Afro Cuban and Latin music during the hour. From 2 to 4pm our specially compiled show Take 5 & Then Some airs featuring a selection of new albums that have recently landed on my desk, er, make that inbox. Wolfgang König ScracherJazz Around the World with Wolfgang König presenting the finest jazz the world has to offer hits the streaming waves from 4pm C.A.T. Now one has no excuse not to tune in to All Jazz Radio today, neh!

Hiroshima, Summer Smooth Jazz Series Fri., July 25th @ the Lake Terrace Ballroom

HiroshimaVibrant, eclectic & amp truly original, the Multi-GRAMMY nominated Hiroshima creates a musical world all its own. The intoxicating mix of traditional Japanese folk music & instruments interwoven with Jazz, R&B, Salsa & more has been a pioneering voice in contemporary music since the 1970’s. After 30 years and 4 million records sold worldwide, they continue to make their unique mix of East meets West their signature sound. Case in point, their brand new CD, J-Town Beat begins with “Red Buddha” a raucous journey that encompasses koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, taiko and all manner of Japanese percussion mixed with jazz, techno, funk and festival. The songs of J-Town Beat then wind their way through Euro-Samba, Quiet Storm, and Funkjazz – the gamut of musical diversity that is Hiroshima.

Jazz trumpeter Lionel Ferbos dies

Lionel FerbosAs AP informs, centenarian jazz musician Lionel Ferbos has died at his home in New Orleans. He was 103. Family friend Regina Dillings says the trumpeter died Saturday morning surrounded by friends and family.

Ferbos performed all over New Orleans and its suburbs for decades. His ability to read music made him an in-demand musician for gigs that took him to parks, schools, churches, dance halls and even prisons. He also performed at his 102nd birthday party and at every New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival until this past year.

Ferbos was believed to be the oldest working jazz musician who performed regularly until last year. His death Saturday came just days after his 103rd birthday on July 17.

The New Album By The Bluesman Rudy Rotta: The Beatles Vs The Rolling Stones

Rudy RottaFifty years on from the first Rolling Stones record and the landing in America of both bands, Rudy Rotta presents “The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones, ” a precious album that collects and compares the music, the history and the rivalry, true or assumed, between the two iconic bands that have moved and revolutionized the music that preceded them. The idea began as a labour of love (and devotion) towards these “giants” of rock music, in which Rudy Rotta plays some of the most beautiful songs, developing an original theme of two of them in one piece, all adapted and arranged with personal touch. A message that is not only exciting but also challenging to those who still conceive and outline their career in the guise of pure replicants, without being able to give their music a touch of personality and originality that should be inherent in every artist.

Rudy Rotta’s biography

Born in Piedmont, Italy in 1950, Rudy Rotta moved with his family in Lucerne, Switzerland; there at age 14 he began playing the guitar. At forty years old he made a choice of the heart, selling his company and dedicating himself entirely to music. He performs almost exclusively abroad, scaling Olympus of the blues world and establishing a series of collaborations with big names such as BB King, John Mayall, Etta James, Brian Auger, Taj Mahal, to name but a few. He made five appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, two of them as a guest of BB King, participation in the cruise “Mississippi Boat Celebrating B.B King “, one in 1997 at the Kansas City Blues Festival with Al Green, Taj Mahal, Brian Seltzer when he was crowned” Europe’s Top Act”, that is the maximum representative of the European blues; the presence at the Premio Tenco with Lowell Fulson and delivery of two Fender Stratocaster “Rudy Rotta Signature”, respectively in 1994 and 2002. After the album “Some Of My Favourite Songs” in 2004 and “Winds Of Louisiana” in 2006 with the cream of American musicians, participation in the 2013 Roxy Bar with Red Ronnie and after hosting on stage in October 2013 the great Larry Carlton “Mr. 335″, Rudy Rotta now returns with ” The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones”, his personal tribute to the two legendary British bands.

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