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cropped-2013-CAPE-TOWN-TABLE-MOUNTAIN-FIREWORKS-SAILING-SHIPS.jpgSo it’s the weekend and one needs to relax with some great jazz and that means the only choice of listening pleasure is, naturally All Jazz Radio where one finds the widest and more diverse selection of music heard on any form of radio today. for instance the eclectic mix of contemporary smooth fusion funk is the mainstay of todays No Man and SaxName Brand Show from 10:00am to 2:00pm C.A.T. er, um I think that’s 11am G.M.T. so no excuse not to tune in. At 2pm Yaacov Harari will be cooking up a storm as is usual on the weekend with his show Cooking Jazz showcasing a mix of Israeli jazz and international jazz. The All Jazz Radio’s l’enfant terrible , James “Acid Robot” Kibby

James "Acid Robot" Kibby

James “Acid Robot” Kibby

steps into the studio to present The Kibby Factor where anything goes and usual does and nobody knows what to expect. Oh yeah! A really good day ahead with All Jazz Radio, join us all day and everyday for the finest Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz.

I have no idea what The Klutz in the Kitchen has in store for todays recipe, I’m sure he will come up with another stunning one for all to enjoy the cooking experience and enhance one growing repertoire of yumolicious recipes, check back on the website later.

chef Dog

Got a later start to the day today work today, been a hectic week, woke up at 2:30am C.A.T. and decided not to get out of bed at that time, fell asleep again for what I thought was a few minutes and those in reality turned into a couple of extra hours, no excuse though.

Richard Elliot Plays Lip Service to Love with his new album 

Richard Elliot Lip Service

Richard Elliot Lip Service

2014 marks 30 years since the release of Richard Elliot’s debut solo album, Initial Approach, on which he stepped out showcasing his tenor sax, soprano sax, Lyricon and writing skills. What does a red-blooded Scottish sax man raised in Los Angeles now with a wife and five children do for a 30-year encore? Well, this one-time member of the classic soul band Tower of Power proves he’s not a young man and drops the most overtly sensual, romantic and intimate album of his career in collaboration with contemporary jazz production/guitar giant Paul Brown. The title of this 17th solo project is Lip Service (the artist’s first for Heads Up/Concord Music Group).

The 10-song Lip Service features seven all new original compositions with teasing titles such as Sookie Sookie and All the Way, as well as three choice covers of soul and pop hits from the 80s (Shining Star by The Manhattans), the 90s (Anytime by Brian McKnight) and today (When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars).

One point Elliot hopes to get across is that an album soaking in an aura of romance doesn’t have to be solely about sex. “We didn’t want everything sounding like a hot and heavy Minor 7th vibe. Playfulness is good, too. “Sweet Spot” (a warm wave of guitars and sax intoxication) and “Givin’ it Up” (a gentle rock steady groove) have that aspect. The opening number “Desire” laid the blueprint for what Elliot and producer Paul Brown sought to capture. That song morphed through a bunch of iterations. It set the tone of the record with a Latin feel. When you’re searching for a sound, there’s a tendency to throw a lot of stuff at a song from a production standpoint. Instead, we pulled stuff out of “Desire.” Minimalist from an arranging standpoint, the more air and space there was created a better canvas for my saxophone.”

Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot

The cover songs are all inspired choices, each challenging in their own way. The Manhattans’ “Shining Star,” which Richard suggested, is given a bluesy feel with a horn arrangement by Tower of Power veteran Greg Adams. Brian McKnight’s “Anytime,” closing the album in lovingly layered afterglow, was suggested by Brown, arranged by keyboardist Tracy Carter and temporarily intimidated Elliot. “I thought to myself, best not to over analyze. We got the arrangement together, cut the rhythm section then I had a glass of wine, took a deep breath and dived in.”

Slow burning intensity has been Richard Elliot’s stock-in-trade since debuting as a member of the novel Chapman Stick-based quartet Kittyhawk in 1979 at the age of 19. With influences ranging from Grover Washington, Jr. to John Klemmer, his diverse styles knows no bounds. He has topped charts and toured the world as a leader as well as with the innovative groups Guitars & Saxes and Summer Horns (Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright and Dave Koz), the latter of whom he’ll be on the road with all summer 2014 (debuting a selection or two from Lip Service) before continuing on with his own shows in the fall. It’s the unabashed excitement from concert fans that drives him to this day.

Richard Elliot & Rick Braun

Richard Elliot & Rick Braun

Looking back on the 16 solo projects that led to Lip Service, Elliot concludes, “I’ve never counted my albums. I tend to do a record every year-and-a half or two. It just goes by so quickly. I still love what I do. Recording is a fun yet arduous process, but I never get tired of playing live. I always say I play my concerts for free and get paid for everything else I have to do! It’s a privilege to play music for a living, and I never take a gig for granted.”

To stream Lip Service: Click Here

Track List:


Lip Service

Givin’ It Up

Sweet Spot

Sookie Sookie

All the Way

When I Was Your Man

Shining Star

City Lights



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