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I guess when you love doing something, its never too tedious to do, neh, so let me tell you what’s going down on All Jazz Radio on this rather balmy but lovely morning the Mother City. There’s lots of exciting new music and other stuff to come through out our streaming day, today.

Plebs Live Acoustic Music, Comedy & Craft Beer

Plebs Live Acoustic Music, Comedy & Craft Beer

I went to a venue, Plebs Live Acoustic Music, Comedy & Craft Beer in Mowbray which I’d not been to before last evening for what was billed as a curry taste off where 7 various curry dishes were presented, Lamb, Chicken Thai Chicken, Beef, Fish and Bobotie and served with rice and all cooked by home cooks. Best of all was the cost at R25 for all six which were served in bowls and enough for the three of us old friend who I hadn’t seen for yonks, with Alison, Barry and I sharing the table and quaffing the Belgium style craft ale, which wasn’t too bad at all. The evenings music was performed by a number acoustic folk musicians some of which were very good, some not so good and some who were real prima donna’s, sulked and did not perform because they did not bring all the needed equipment with them, nuff said. The place could do with a real clean up, décor wise, just little too drab, however it’s not run as a restaurant, though it could be as it is the place the ale is brewed. All in all a very lekker evening catching up with old friends, enjoying the music, mixing and meeting with great like minded peeps.


Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser

At Straight No Chaser in Cape Town tonight there is the launch of drummer Claude Cozens’ debut album, which I’m looking forward to. The album titles Jubilee Jazz feature the mercurial Kyle Shepherd, who recently released his new album in Grahamstown, on Piano and Keys, Benjamin Jephta playing bass, I do believe that Benjamin is putting the finishing touches to his sophomore album, something I’m looking forward to immensely.


The broadcast day at All Jazz Radio kicks off with The No Name Brand Show during which will be feature a whole heap of new album releases from numerous musicians I have never heard before that have come into the radio stations library. Here are some of the names one can expect today, starting with Terry Marshal, Joe Coughlin, and Dave Chamberlain’s Bag Of Bones. Sara De Ville, Eric van Aro, Claude Cozens, Donna Singer, The Stockton Helbing Quartet, The Ault Sisters, and Joshua Redman finishes off the first hour of todays show.

The following hour kicks off with Peter Lerner, Andrew Hadro, Iain Mathews with Egbert Derix, Vincent Lyn, Lex Futshane, David Kain, Christine Vainderlis, Mark Meadows, Dan Shout, Sarah Gardner rounds out the second hour of our show. Please remember to subscribe to out website at www.alljazzradio.co.za if not yet done. Please direct all family and friends to do so as well.

The third hour of The No Name Brand show with Moi, Eric Alan starts with Mary Ann Anderson the moves on with Jason Paul Curtis, Titilayo Adedokun, Bryon Tosoff, Sam Hankins, Barbara Ween, Mindi Abair, Charlie Apicella + Iron City, Brenda Russell, Lenny Picket with The UMO Jazz Orchestra, Restless Natives, The Chris McDonald Orchestra, Lisa Casalino, Andy Williams with Studio Rio, yes that Andy Williams, surprised, eh, And Nia Simone closes out the hour. Enjoying the music so far, that’s not all there is so much more to come, stay with All Jazz Radio all day, everyday.

The final hour of The No name Brand Shoe starts with Singer Kate Ross, the we’ll hear Jeff Colella, Sharon Marie Cline, Ken Berman, The Klbas Kescker Ensemble, Jimmy Cobb, Diane Shuur, The Manhattan School of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, The Bill Coon, Jodi Proznick Miles Black Trilogy Rick Braun and then Guitarist Armik bring the curtain down on today’s No Name Brand Show’ I hope you will enjoyed our four hour of great music and will have discovered some new jazz musicians to add to the music collection soon.

Still to come today on All Jazz Radio, our man in the sadly missile strewn Tel Aviv, Yaacov Harari, who’s Cooking Jazz offers and eclectic mix of jazz from talented Israeli jazz musicians and a bit of other stuff thrown in the pot to keep it interesting.

After that it’s that man Kibby, Acid Robot, you know the one I mean, yep he’s back with his show the Kibby Factor. James will showcase a very interesting array of jazz style and goes way beyond each week and always I’m surprised, pleasantly so by what he puts together.

There you go that’s what’s happening on your first choice of radio listening pleasure today before our repeat programming kick in so one will be able to catch up with what one may have missed, see stay with All Jazz Radio and one will never miss a note of the music. Have a goody and enjoy what the day brings.

Ta, enjoy


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