Bacon and Egg Bunny Chow

Bacon and egg bunny chow

Bacon and egg bunny chow – Image by: Janice Tripepi

As the weekend looms The Klutz in the Kitchen can’t help but think of the possibilities of some good cooking and wine to enjoy. Comfort food is again on the recipe search list. After the success of yesterday’s recipe for Bunny Chow and much time searching this is the result of what the Klutz has found. We have another wonderful take on this much loved ubiquitous street food and therefore present the Bacon and Egg Bunny Chow. No kidding Peeps it’s simply lekkerlicious and a must add to ones repertoire of cooking skills. Enjoy the experience of friends and family heaping praise on you as you showcase your newly found inner chef. Enjoy the meal and Bon hamu.

Bacon and Egg Bunny Chow

Serves: 1 – Preparation time: 5 mins – Cooking time: 20 mins

This “Italian hangover cure” will soon be a favourite meal in any house.


fresh crusty bread rolls

cubed bacon (or a smoked meat of your choice)

grated parmesan

grated pecorino cheese


salt and pepper to taste

a sprinkle of smoked paprika, chilli powder or cayenne pepper



Pre-heat your oven to 180°C.

Cut the top off and hollow out each bread roll

Place a few sprigs of thyme and some parmesan cheese in the bottom of each hollow bread roll.

Fry some cubes of bacon until crispy on the edges.

Break an egg or two into the roll (if you have big rolls you can break 2 in)

Top each egg with some cubes of meat and some grated cheese

Season with salt, pepper, some smoked paprika or chilli and some thyme or rosemary and pop them onto a tray into the oven until they have crisped up nicely and the cheese on top has melted.

You can adjust the filling to suit your taste; here are a few delicious combinations.

Eggs, cheese, chilli, basil or coriander

Eggs, fried mushrooms, cheese

Eggs, salmon, cream cheese, black pepper, herbs

Eggs, bolognaise pasta sauce and cheese

Eggs, salmon, avo, mascarpone, caviar (don’t put the caviar into the oven – use only as a topping)

Eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheese, chilli, pancetta, basil

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