All Jazz Radio is about to burst onto the Internet

It’s about to happen, the long wait is finally over, All Jazz Radio is about to burst onto the Internet and the Social Media broadcasting jazz out of Cape Town, South Africa. AJR will be the very first Jazz Radio station of any kind, broadcasting 24/7 in the country on the Internet, Smart Phones and Tablet Devices.

Do you have a collection of great South African and International Jazz, Blues or World Latin Music? By collection we mean at least 700 or more CD’s falling into the genres categories mentioned. Please give us a list of some of your favorite albums in your collection too.

Now, how would you like to become part of the broadcast team at AJR. Please email us your preferences and tell us about your collection, who your favorite musicians and performers are, and why you have chosen them. Also please tell us what it is about Jazz, Blues and World Latin music you like, what drew you to the genre forms. We would also like a motivation of what you expect and why you feel that you could become a jazz radio broadcaster. We also need to know what you business and working life is about, your experience and educational qualifications equally important too.Email all the above to The Manager AJR at

Please make sure your mails reach us by the close of business on Friday 6th September 2012.

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