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To be South Africa and Africa’s pre-eminent Internet Jazz Social Lifestyle Radio Station and an essential broadcaster of good jazz music in all its various forms with blues being part an integral part of the broadcast mix, enriching the social, cultural, educational and community experience of the listening audience.


  • to bring to our listeners and to showcase Cape, South African, African and International jazz talent and music.


  • to partner with, and support those who teach, train and develop talented jazz music students of the genre.


  • to assist in the development jazz music and the appreciation of jazz in the Cape, South Africa, Africa and the World through social interaction on the Internet offering information, education and entertainment.


  • to give new and established Cape, South African, African and International jazz musicians new performing and promotional opportunities.


  • to educate and raise the awareness of the rich diversity of South African and International jazz music by providing new and vibrant listening opportunities on-air, on-line and live at venues to people of all ages who share a common interest in jazz music.


  • to interact and make use of all levels of social media to enhance the lifestyle of all who share a common interest in jazz.

The phrase, “Where Jazz Lovers of South Africa, Africa & The World meet to share in a common social interest and lifestyle on the World Wide Web” demonstrates our commitment to focus on the marginalized music of jazz in all forms and to show an equal commitment to work with the wider jazz music community.

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