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9 Responses to Presenters

  1. Just a week ago this dream became a reality and I believe that it is going to become a force to be reckoned with Mr Eric Alan! God Bless your endeavours!

  2. ekeraam jones

    Congrats on the new station.
    Who do I speak to if I want to apply to become one of your presenters?

    Please advise
    Thank you

  3. Craig

    Listening to audio streaming at work. Awesome. Thanks Eric, You Da Best.

    Love Craig and Cindy

  4. Marita Sinclair

    hello..Eric was listening to audio streaming while working through my e-mails..totally new to me..and so enjoyed have such a lovely voice..Marita

  5. Hylton

    WOW!!! great music. Now listening to Hilton’s Mambo. Hylton Villet from Windhoek Namibia.

  6. Ntsikelelo JazzBees Kulati

    Sho this is the way to go Boet!

  7. Jason The Obscure

    Great station! All jazz radio. I laughed out loud when your own ad came on and asked, “Do you like country music? You’re tuned to the wrong station. We are All Jazz Radio” Hilarious! Thanks.

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