8 September

Alfio Grasso
Violin, b.1912, Lentini, Italy

Antonin Dvorak
Classical Composer, Czech, b.1841 d.1904, New World Symphony

Artie Anton
Drums, b.1926, New York, NY

Butch Warren
Bass, b.1939, Washington, DC

Charles “Specs” Wright
Drummer, b.1927 d.1963, performed and recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Cannonball
Adderley and Red Garland, Philadelphia, PA

Dave Bowman
Piano, b.1914 d.1964, Buffalo, NY

Elmer Schoebel
Arranger, Composer, b.1896 d.1970, East St. Louis, MO

Gracie Cole
Trumpet, b.1924, Rowlands Gill, England

James Clay
Jazz Saxophonist, b.1935 d.1995, Dallas, TX

Marion Brown
Alto-sax, Composer, b.1935, Atlanta, GA

Norris Turney
Reeds, b.1921 d.2001, of Duke Ellington band, Wilmington, OH

Phillip Wilson
Drums, b.1941, St. Louis, MO

Sir Harry Secombe
Novelty Singer, Comedian, b.1921 d.1980, Wales, of The Goons Peter Sellers, Comedian, Movie Actor, Novelty Singer, Movie Director, b.1925 d.1980, English, original Pink Panther movies’ Inspector Clouseau, Dr. Strangelove, Mouse That Roared, Casino Royale spoof of James Bond; BBC Radio’s “The Goons”

Wilbur Ware
Jazz Bassist, b.1932 d.1979, Chicago, IL

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