6 September

Alain De Vis (trumpet) – 1953

Aleksey Kuznetsov – Guitar, b.1941, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Andrew White – Tenor Sax, b.1942, Washington, DC

Bent Persson – Cornet, b.1947, Blekinge, Sweden

Billy Rose – Composer, Stage Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist, American, b.1899 d.1966, born in New York City; RN: William Samuel Rosenberg; Showman; Fanny Brice’s, then Esther Williams’ hubby; Theatrical impressario

Bosse ‘Bo’ Broberg – Trumpet, b.1937, Ludvika, Sweden

Buddy Bolden – Bandleader, Cornetist, b.1877 d.1931, formed 1st jazz band in 1890s, New Orleans, LA

C Francis (sax, tenor) – 1966

Claire Martin – Jazz Vocalist, b.1967, London, England

Clifford Thornton – Cornet, b.1936, Philadelphia, PA

Dave Bargeron – Trombone, b.1942, Athol, MA

Eddie Duran – Guitar, b.1925, San Francisco, CA

Frederika Krier (violin) – 1982

Henry Hagemann (-Larsen) – Tenor Sax, b.1910 d.1964, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jimmy Reed – Blues Singer, Guitarist, Harmonicaist, Songwriter, b.???? d.1976, RN: Mathis James Reed Leland

John Letman – 1917

John Malachi – Piano, b.1919 d.1987, Red Springs, NC

Johnny Letman – Trumpet, Leader, b.1917 d.1992, McCormick, SC

Laurent Filipe – Trumpet, b.1962, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lisa Thorson (vocals) – 1957

Nick Eipers (producer) – 1972

Paul LaValle – Bandleader, Conductor, Composer, b.1908 d.1997

Peter Van Huffel (saxophone) – 1978

Richard DeLaney / Mambo Kings (piano) – 1952

Roger Dean – Piano, b.1948, Manchester, England

Roland Czili (guitar) – 1978

Sol Schlinger – Baritone Sax, b.1926, New York, NY

Victoria Leighton – 1962

Wayne McConnell (piano) – 1979

Wendy Alane Wright (vocals) – 1966

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