5 September

Albert Mangelsdorff
Trombone, Leader, b.1928, Frankfort am Main, Germany

Bertin Salnave
Flute, b.1892 d.197?, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Candy Finch
Drums, b.1933 d.1982, Detroit, MI

Charles “Bobo” Shaw
Drums, Leader, b.1947, Pope, MS

David “Clem” Clempson
Jazz Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Rock & Roll Performer, b.1949 British, of Humble Pie, Colosseum

Eddie Preston
Trumpet, b.1928, Dallas, TX

Ford Leary
Trombone, Vocal, b.1908 d.1949, Lockport, NY

Johann Christian Bach
Composer, German, b.1735 d.1782, NN: The English Bach; Johann Sebastian’s son; He composed operas in the Italian style but also played organ like his dad.

John Cage
Composer, Author, Musician, Poet, Essayist, Painter, Pianist, Avant-garde; b.1912 d.1992, 20th Century Music Revolutionizer with 12-tone scales

Joki Freund
Saxophone, b.1926, Schwalbach, Germany

Karen Borca
Bassoon, b.1948, Green Bay, WI

Lars Danielsson
Bass, b.1958, Smalands Stenar, Sweden

Lawrence Dixon
Banjo-Guitar, b.1894 d.1970, Chillicothe, OH

Richie Powell
Pianist, b.1931 d.1956, Bud’s brother, New York, NY

Sunnland Slim
Blues Performer, Singer, Pianist, Composer, b.1907 d.1995, RN: Albert Luandeew

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