30 September

Jazz Singer, b.1956, Polish, LN: Trzetrzelewska

Bill Johnson
Alto Sax, b.1912 d.1960, Jacksonville, FL

Buddy Rich
Drums, b.1917 d.1987, New York, NY

Carmen Leggio
Tenor Sax, b.1927, Tarrytown, NY

Cholly Atkins
Dancer, b.1913, Birmingham, AL

Donald Ibrahim Swann
Lyricist, Wales, b.1923 d.1994, with partner Michael Flanders

Freddy King
Blues Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, b.1934 d.1976, RLN: Christian

Jon Eardley
Trumpet, b.1928 d.1991, Altoona, PA

Oscar Pettiford
Jazz Performer, Bassist, Cellist, Composer, Singer, b.1922 d.1960, leading bass bopper, Okmulgee, OK

Patrice Rushen
Vocal, Keyboards, b.1954, Los Angeles, CA

Steve McCall
Drums, b.1933 d.1989, Chicago, IL

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