28 September

A. J. Croce
Piano Player, Vocalist, b.1971, son of Jim, Philadelphia, PA

Francois Biensan
Trumpet, b.1945, Bordeaux, France

John Gilmore
Tenor Sax, b.1931d.1995, Summit, MS

Kenny Kirkland
Jazz Performer, Pianist, b.1955 d.1998, New York, NY

Koko Taylor
Blues Performer, Singer, b.1928

Lamar Wright
Trumpet, b.1927 d.1983, Kansas City, MO

Mike Osborne
Alto Sax, b.1941, Hereford, England

Norris Sirone
Bass, b.1940, Atlanta, GA

Ray Warleigh
Alto Sax, b.1938, Sydney, Australia

Rod Mason
Trumpet, Leader, b.1940, Plymouth, England

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