27 September

Bud Powell
Jazz Pianist, Composer, jazz pioneer, b.1924 d.1966, New York, NY

Erhard Bauschke
Reeds, b.1912, Breslau, Germany

Guido Basso
Trumpet, b.1937, Montreal, Canada

Hank Levy
Baritone Sax, Composer, b.1927 d.2001, Baritone, long-time Stan Kenton band member Baltimore, MD

Ib Glindemann
Trumpet, Leader, b.1934, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars Erstrand
Vibes, b.1936, Uppsala, Sweden

Mike Nock
Keyboards, b.1940, Christchurch, New Zealand

Nat Shapiro
Writer, Producer, b.1922 d.1983, New York, NY

Peter Ecklund
Trumpet, b.1945, San Diego, CA

Red Rodney
Jazz Trumpeter, Bandleader, b.1927 d.1994, best known for his association with saxophonist Charlie Parker, Philadelphia, PA

Sammy Benskin
Piano, b.1922 d.1992, New York, NY

Skip Hall
Arranger, Piano, b.1909 d.1980, Portsmouth, VA

Teddy Brannon
Piano, b.1916 d.1989, Moultrie, GA

Matt Wilson
Jazz Performer, Drummer, b.1964

Vincent Youmans
Composer, Music Producer, b.1898 d.1946, Tea For Two

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