24 September

Ahmed Ratip
Guitar, Leader, b.1905, Istanbul, Turkey

Anthony Newley
Movie, Stage Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Movie Director, Dramatist, Playwright, Stage Director, Author, Lyricist, English, b.1931 d.1999 born in London; Stop the World I Want to Get Off!, Dr. Doolittle

Bill Connors
Guitar, b.1949, Los Angeles, CA

Herb Jeffries
Vocal, b.1916, Detroit, MI

Horst Winter
Clarinet, Vocal, b.1914, Beuthen, Germany

Isadore Barbarin
Alto Sax, b.1872 d.1960, New Orleans, LA

Jack Costanza
Bongos, b.1922, Chicago, IL

Jay Hoggard
Vibes, b.1954, New York, NY

Jimmy Butts
Bass, b.1917 d.1998, New York, NY

John Carter
Clarinet, b.1929 d.1991, Fort Worth, TX

Mamie Davis
Blues Singer, b.1940 d.2001

Nelson Symonds
Guitar, b.1933, Halifax, NS, Canada

Pablo Elvira
Opera Singer, b.1938 d.2000, Puerto Rican

Theodore “Fats” Navarro
Jazz Trumpeter, b.1923 d.1950, Key West, FL

Wayne Henderson
Trombone, b.1939, Houston, TX

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