21 September

Chico Hamilton
Drums, b.1921, Los Angeles, CA

Corrinne Drewery
Jazz Pop Fusion Performer, Singer, b. 1959, of Swing Out Sister

Dick Shearer
Trombone, b.1940, Indianapolis, IN

Don Preston
Synthesizer, b.1932, Flint, MI

Fred Hunt
Piano, b.1923 d.1986, London, England

Gustav Theodore Holst
Composer, Musician, b.1874 d.1934, English, The Planets

Henry Butler
Piano, b.1949, New Orleans, LA

Jerry Hahn
Guitar, b.1940, Alma, NE

John Clark
French Horn, b.1944, New York, NY

Papa Jack Laine
Drums, b.1873 d.1966, New Orleans, LA

Shafi Hadi
Tenor Sax, b.1929, Philadelphia, PA

Stan “Slam” Stewart
Jazz Bassist, Singer, Composer, b.1914 d.1987, of Slim and Slam Englewood, NJ

Sunny Murray
Drums, b.1937, Idabel, OK

Tommy Potter
Bass, b.1918 d.1988, Philadelphia, PA

Ward Swingle
Vocal, b.1927, founder of the Swingle Singers, Mobile, AL

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