16 September

B. B. King
Blues Singer, Guitarist, Soul Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Composer, b.1925, born in Ita Bena, MS; Initials stand for The Beale St. ‘Blues Boy’; RFN: Riley B.; also in The Beale Streeters; The Associates theme singer

Charlie Byrd
Jazz Musician, Guitarist, Composer, b.1925 d.1999, Jazz & Classical; an outstanding musician, Chuckatuck, VA

Chick Bullock
Vocal, b.1908 d.1981, Butte, MT

Chris Cheek
Saxophone, b.1968, St. Louis, MO

Earl Klugh
Jazz Pianist, Guitarist, b.1954, Detroit, MI

Frank Szabo
Trumpet, b.1952, Budapest, Hungary

Gordon Beck
Jazz Pianist, b.1938, London, England

Gordon Healy
Blues Singer, b.1964

Graham Haynes
Cornet, b.1960, Brooklyn, NY

Hamiet Bluiett
Baritone Sax, b.1940, Lovejoy, MO

Jan Johansson
b.1931 d.1968, Soderhamn, Sweden

Jean Paques
Piano, b.1901d.1974, Liege, Belgium

Joe Reisman
Saxophonist, Bandleader, Composer, Arranger, b. 1924 d.1987, produced many of RCA’s acts; played in bands of Bob Crosby and Louis Prima

Joe Venuti
Violinist, Jazz Musician, b.1903 d.1978, Italian, his single Stop! Look! Listen! was the first #1 hit single on Billboard magazine’s first pop singles chart 1-4-36, Philadelphia, PA

Jon Hendricks
Jazz Singer, Lyricist, Song-writer, b.1921, of Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross, Newark, OH

Larry Binyon
Tenor Sax, b.1908 d.1974, Chicago, IL

Lisle Atkinson
Bass, b.1940, New York, NY

Nadia Boulanger
Music Producer, Teacher, Conductor, Composer, music teacher, b.1887 d.1979, French

Philip Bent
Flute, b.1964, London, England

Rod Levitt
Trombone, b.1929, Portland, OR

Toto Blanke
Guitar, b.1939, Paderborn, Germany

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