13 September

Alex Riel
Drums, b.1940, Copenhagen, Denmark

Arnold Schonberg
Composer, Austrian, b.1874 d.1951, born in Vienna; 12-tone music system, or else we’d all sing off key.

Clara Josephine Wiek Schumann
Classical Composer, Pianist, b.1819 d.1896, German

Bengt Hallberg
Piano, b.1932, Goteborg, Sweden

Bernard Ette
Violin, Leader, b.1898 d.1973, Kassel, Germany

Charles Brown
Blues Singer, Pianist, b.1922 d.1999, Texas City, TX

David Clayton-Thomas
Rock & Roll Singer, Songwriter, b.1941, English, Blood, Sweat & Tears’ lead; sued Milli Vanilli and won for ripping off his group’s song “Spinning Wheel”

Dick Haymes,
Movie Actor, Crooner, Baritone, Songwriter, b.1916 d.1980, wed 6x’s including Rita Hayworth, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Douglas Ewart
Alto Sax, b.1946, Kingston, Jamaica

Elaine Delmar
Vocal, b.1939, London, England

Frank “Big Boy” Goudie
Tenor Sax, Clarinet, b.1899 d.1964, Youngsville, LA

Larry Shields
Clarinet, b.1893d.1953, New Orleans, LA

Leon “Chu” Berry
Jazz Saxophonist, Tenor-sax, b.1908 d.1941, Wheeling, WV

Leonard Feather
Critic, Composer, Pianist, Journalist, Lecturer, b.1914 d.1994, English, “Encyclopedia of Jazz” historian, London, England

Maurice Jarre
Composer, b.1924, French, of Films such as Dr. Zhivago

Mel Torme
Jazz Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Drummer, TV/Movie Actor, Songwriter, Music Producer, b.1925 d.1999, The ‘Velvet Fog’ singer; RN: Melvin Howard; Night Court’s himself (occ); wrote “The Christmas Song” for Nat King Cole Chicago, IL

Ray Charles (not the Soul Jazz R&B Singer)
Arranger, Conductor, Composer, Orchestra & Choral Director; b.1918 d.2006, TV show scores; Perro Como’s associate; not to be confused with the Black Ray Charles

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