11 September

Alan Bergman
Lyricist, Songwriter, b.1925, wife also songwriter, Marilyn

Bert Courtley
Trumpet, b.1929, Manchester, England

Charles Moffett
Drums, b.1929 d.1997, Fort Worth, TX

Harry Connick, Jr.
Jazz Singer, Actor, Pianist, Bandleader, Songwriter, b.1967, Roman Catholic, acted in Independence Day, Copycats, Hope Floats; some say b. Sep 23; Jill Goodacre’s hubby, New Orleans, LA

Hiram Bullock
Guitar, b.1955, Osaka, Japan

Ken Vandermark
Tenor Sax, Clarinet, b.1964, Warwick, RI

Leo Kottke
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, b.1945

Lorraine Geller
Piano, b.1928 d.1958, Portland, OR

Oliver Jones
Piano, b.1934, Montreal, Que., Canada

Peck Morrison
Bass, b.1919 d.1988, Lancaster, PA

Peter King
Alto Sax, b.1940, Co-owner of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, Kinston Upon Thames, England

Sidney Desvigne
Trumpet, b.1893 d.1959, New Orleans, LA

Stacy Rowles
Jazz Vocalist, Trumpet, b.1955,daughter of pianist Jimmy Rowles,  Los Angeles, CA

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