1 September

Art Pepper Jazz Performer, Alto-sax, Tenor-sax, Clarinetist, Composer, b.1925 d.1982, Gardena, CA Bob Bates Jazz Bassist, b.1923 d.1981, Pocatello, ID Boney James Jazz Musician, Sax, b.1961 Engelbert Humperdinck Composer, Children’s Author, b.1854 d.1921, German, opera composer; Hansel & Gretel; not … Continue reading

2 September

Armando Trovajoli Piano, b.1917, Rome, Italy Barbara Donald Trumpet, b.1942, Minneapolis, MN Clifford Jordan Tenor Sax, b.1931 d.1993, Chicago, IL Emil Richards Vibes, b.1932, Hartford, CT Grachan Moncour Bass, b.1915 d.1996, Miami, FL Gunnar Nilson Clarinet, b.1925, Lulea, Sweden Horace … Continue reading

3 September

Bayete Piano, b.1951, San Francisco, CA Clyde Hurley Trumpet, b.1916 d.1963, Fort Worth, TX David Sanchez Tenor Sax, b.1968, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Doc Cook Piano, b.1891d.1958, Louisville, KY Ernie Henry Alto Sax, b.1926 d.1957, New York, NY Frank Christian Cornet, … Continue reading

4 September

Al Norris Guitar, b.1908 d.1974, Kane, PA Anton Bruckner Composer, Organist, b.1824 d.1896, Austrian, Wagner disciple and a monumental bore; best known for his nine symphonies, his three great masses, a requiem, and a “Te Deum”. Bireli Lagrene Guitar, b.1966, … Continue reading

5 September

Albert Mangelsdorff Trombone, Leader, b.1928, Frankfort am Main, Germany Bertin Salnave Flute, b.1892 d.197?, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Candy Finch Drums, b.1933 d.1982, Detroit, MI Charles “Bobo” Shaw Drums, Leader, b.1947, Pope, MS David “Clem” Clempson Jazz Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Rock & … Continue reading

6 September

Alain De Vis (trumpet) – 1953 Aleksey Kuznetsov – Guitar, b.1941, Chelyabinsk, Russia Andrew White – Tenor Sax, b.1942, Washington, DC Bent Persson – Cornet, b.1947, Blekinge, Sweden Billy Rose – Composer, Stage Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist, American, b.1899 d.1966, born … Continue reading

7 September

Al Caiola Guitarist, Singer, Bandleader, Composer, b.1920, music for the TV series Bonanza Allison Rayner Bass, b.1952, Bromley, England Alvin Alcorn Trumpet, b.1912, New Orleans, LA Arthur Ferrante Pianist, Composer, b.1921, born in New York City; of Ferrante & Teicher … Continue reading

8 September

Alfio Grasso Violin, b.1912, Lentini, Italy Antonin Dvorak Classical Composer, Czech, b.1841 d.1904, New World Symphony Artie Anton Drums, b.1926, New York, NY Butch Warren Bass, b.1939, Washington, DC Charles “Specs” Wright Drummer, b.1927 d.1963, performed and recorded with Dizzy … Continue reading

9 September

Billy Preston Keyboardist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Gospel Singer, Drummer, Organist, b.1946, born in Houston; the first non-Beatle to be credited on a Beatles record “Get Back” for his musical contributions, also a so-called fifth Beatle Elvin Ray Jones Jazz … Continue reading

10 September

Adele Astaire Dancer, b.1898 d.1981, MN: Marie; Fred’s sister Campbell Burnap Trombone, b.1939, Derby, England Chie Ayado Vocalist, b.1957, Osaka, Japan Cliff Leeman Drums, b.1913 d.1986, Portland, ME Craig Harris Trombone, b.1954, Hempstead, NY Dave Burrell Piano, b.1940 d.1993, Middletown, … Continue reading

11 September

Alan Bergman Lyricist, Songwriter, b.1925, wife also songwriter, Marilyn Bert Courtley Trumpet, b.1929, Manchester, England Charles Moffett Drums, b.1929 d.1997, Fort Worth, TX Harry Connick, Jr. Jazz Singer, Actor, Pianist, Bandleader, Songwriter, b.1967, Roman Catholic, acted in Independence Day, Copycats, … Continue reading

12 September

Barry White Soul Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Keyboardist, Arranger, b.1944 d.2003, DEEEEEP bass singer; wrote “The Harlem Shuffle” for Bob and Earl; hits: I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby, Never Never Gonna Give You Up, Can’t Get … Continue reading

13 September

Alex Riel Drums, b.1940, Copenhagen, Denmark Arnold Schonberg Composer, Austrian, b.1874 d.1951, born in Vienna; 12-tone music system, or else we’d all sing off key. Clara Josephine Wiek Schumann Classical Composer, Pianist, b.1819 d.1896, German Bengt Hallberg Piano, b.1932, Goteborg, … Continue reading

14 September

Bernie Green Bandleader, b.1908 d.1975, on early TV varieties such as Arthur Godfrey and Garry Moore Bill Berry Trumpet, b.1930 d.2002, Benton Harbour, MI Cachao Bass, b.1918, Havana, Cuba Charlie Beal Piano, b.1908 d.1991, Los Angeles, CA Eddie Moore Drums, … Continue reading

15 September

Al Casey Violinist, Ukelele, Guitarist, Saloon Singer, b.1915 d.2005, RFN: Robert Waltrip, Louisville, KY Arvell Shaw Jazz Bassist, b.1923 d.2002, St. Louis, MO Bert Ambrose Bandleader, b.1896 d.1971, Leeds, England Bobby Nichols Trumpet, b.1924, Boston, MA Bobby Short Singer, Pianist, … Continue reading

16 September

B. B. King Blues Singer, Guitarist, Soul Singer, Rhythm and Blues Singer, Composer, b.1925, born in Ita Bena, MS; Initials stand for The Beale St. ‘Blues Boy’; RFN: Riley B.; also in The Beale Streeters; The Associates theme singer Charlie … Continue reading

17 September

Bill Black Bassist, Songwriter, b.1926 d.1965, born in Memphis, TN; of Elvis Presley’s band; Bill Black Combo, warm-up act during the Beatles’ American tour Bill McKinney Jazz Performer, Drummer, Bandleader, b.1895 d.1965, of McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Curtis Peagler Alto Sax, … Continue reading

18 September

Bill Graham Alto Sax, b.1918, Kansas City, MO Emily Remler Guitar, b.1957 d.1990, New York, NY Eric Felten Trombone, b.1964, Phoenix, AZ Frank Socolow Tenor Sax, b.1923 d.1981, New York, NY Johan Gottfried Walther Organist, Composer, b.1684 d.1748, one of … Continue reading

19 September

Alberto Socarras Reeds, b.1908, Manzanillo, Cuba Brook Benton Soul Jazz Singer, Songwriter, b.1931 d.1988, RN: Benjamin Franklin Pierre Bruce Cox Drums, b.1959, Philadelphia, PA Candy Dulfer Jazz Musician, Jazz Saxophonist, b.1969, Holland, Sexyphonist; Hans’ daughter Amsterdam, Netherlands Donald “D.T.” Thompson … Continue reading

20 September

Adam Glasser (harmonica) – 1955 Al Goodah (vocals) – 1959 Amanda Carr (vocals) – 1962 Asia Fajardo-Wright (saxophone) – 1983 Benjamin Munevar (keyboards) – 1962 Bill DeArango – Guitar, b.1921, Cleveland, OH Billy Bang – Violin, b.1947, Mobile, AL Damon … Continue reading

21 September

Chico Hamilton Drums, b.1921, Los Angeles, CA Corrinne Drewery Jazz Pop Fusion Performer, Singer, b. 1959, of Swing Out Sister Dick Shearer Trombone, b.1940, Indianapolis, IN Don Preston Synthesizer, b.1932, Flint, MI Fred Hunt Piano, b.1923 d.1986, London, England Gustav … Continue reading

22 September

Andrea Bocelli Opera Singer, Ahn-DRAY’-uh Boh-CHEL’-ee, b.1958 Bill Smith Clarinet, Composer, b.1926, Sacremento, CA Fletcher Smith Piano, b.1913 d.1993, Lincoln, NE John Mumford Trombone, b.1940, London, England LeRoy Holms Bandleader b.1913 d.1986, Tonight Show 1956-57 Marlena Shaw Vocal, b.1942, New … Continue reading

23 September

“Tiny” Bradshaw Leader, b.1905 d.1958, Youngstown, OH “Wooden” Joe Nicholas Cornet, b.1883 d.1957, New Orleans, LA Albert Ammons Piano, b.1907 d.1949, Chicago, IL Bardu Ali Leader, Vocal, b.1910, New Orleans, LA Christian Escoude Guitar, b.1947, Angouleme, France Don Grolnick Jazz … Continue reading

24 September

Ahmed Ratip Guitar, Leader, b.1905, Istanbul, Turkey Anthony Newley Movie, Stage Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Movie Director, Dramatist, Playwright, Stage Director, Author, Lyricist, English, b.1931 d.1999 born in London; Stop the World I Want to Get Off!, Dr. Doolittle Bill Connors … Continue reading

25 September

“Shadow” Wilson Jazz Performer, Drummer, b.1919 d.1959, Yonkers, NY Alex Bigard Drums, b.1899 d.1978, New Orleans, LA Barbara Dennerlein Jazz Organist, b.1964, Munich, Germany Billy Pierce Tenor Sax, b.1948, Hampton, VA Carlo Bohlander Writer, Trumpet, b.1919 d.2004, Frankfurt Am Main, … Continue reading

26 September

Dick Heckstall-Smith Jazz Saxophonist, Reeds, b.1934, of Colosseum, Ludlow, England Frank Crumit Novelty Singer, Stage Actor, Radio Actor, Vaudevillan, b.1889 d.1943, Julia Sanderson’s hubby Gary Bartz Alto Sax, b.1940, Baltimore, MD George Chambers Bassist, Singer, b. 1931, of the Chambers … Continue reading

27 September

Bud Powell Jazz Pianist, Composer, jazz pioneer, b.1924 d.1966, New York, NY Erhard Bauschke Reeds, b.1912, Breslau, Germany Guido Basso Trumpet, b.1937, Montreal, Canada Hank Levy Baritone Sax, Composer, b.1927 d.2001, Baritone, long-time Stan Kenton band member Baltimore, MD Ib … Continue reading

28 September

A. J. Croce Piano Player, Vocalist, b.1971, son of Jim, Philadelphia, PA Francois Biensan Trumpet, b.1945, Bordeaux, France John Gilmore Tenor Sax, b.1931d.1995, Summit, MS Kenny Kirkland Jazz Performer, Pianist, b.1955 d.1998, New York, NY Koko Taylor Blues Performer, Singer, … Continue reading

29 September

Bill Boyd Singer, Bandleader b.1910 d.1997 Dave Kikoski Piano, b.1961, Miltown, NJ Jean-Luc Ponty Violinist, Composer, Pianist, French, Classical-Jazz, b.1942, played with Frank Zappa, Avranches, France Malcolm Griffiths Trombone, b.1941Barnet, England Rolf Kuhn, Clarinet Leader, b.1929, Cologne, Germany Roy Campbell … Continue reading

30 September

Basia Jazz Singer, b.1956, Polish, LN: Trzetrzelewska Bill Johnson Alto Sax, b.1912 d.1960, Jacksonville, FL Buddy Rich Drums, b.1917 d.1987, New York, NY Carmen Leggio Tenor Sax, b.1927, Tarrytown, NY Cholly Atkins Dancer, b.1913, Birmingham, AL Donald Ibrahim Swann Lyricist, … Continue reading

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